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A challenging weekend

Hi guys,

I'm 19 days into my diet and everything is going really well but I haven't had any big social gatherings or other potential meltdown situations to deal with until now! A friend is having a big garden party tomorrow and as it is a good 200 miles from my home I will also be staying over in a hotel that night so inevitably it will be a party full of alcohol and unhealthy food and then a hotel breakfast the next day.

So, does anybody have any tips on how to have a good time without also having a meltdown on the food and alcohol front? I haven't had any alcohol since I started the diet so a couple of drinks should be enough but I'm worried I'll end up eating a lot of unhealthy food and undoing a lot of the good work I've done

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Try to drink less if possible as once you have had a few drinks you'll probably eat more and forget your good intentions. Try to stagger your drinks with a soft drink between alcohol. Don't linger by the food area as you'll be more likely to pick. Write down what you eat. I would also plan for the breakfast to be healthy the next day so that you can draw a line under anything from th bbc quickly and be on track again.

Good luck


I never worry about it too much. One year in and 6 1/2 stones down I never worry about a blow out. Enjoy, try and be a bit careful but if you don't then get straight back on it and be a little more strict for the next few days after.

Just had a two week all inclusive holiday and on my return had gained 7 lbs. was really strict the instant the plane landed home and in 6 days have lost all of the 7 lbs. I am convinced that a lot of this must have been retained water.

This has been my experience throughout the last year. Will put weight on when I go away or attend social events but quickly lose it again.

I honestly think it works a bit like the 5/2 diet I'm that the large amount of food drink you have over a couple of days assists weight loss when this is suddenly cut back again or it works for me that way anyhow.

Saying that even if having more than usual I try to be careful by drinking say gin and diet tonic or Bacardi and diet done rather than beer. Also where possible avoid carbs as much as I can..

The main thing is, have a good time and get straight back on it afterwards.


I agree Andy - the same happens to me!


Soda water, slice of lemon = looks like G&T tops up your water allowance. Food wise stay way from sauces, eat plenty of fresh veg, salads (watch the dressings), palm size steak if on the bbq. Dance alot, (exercise)

Most of all if you do slip, it doesnt mean the rest of the diet is a waste. Enjoy yourself just try not to over do it too much. Breakfast poached egg, 1 slice of toast.

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Last Saturday it was my brother's 30th, with lots of food around and nice whisky, wine and cider, all of which I tried. But I didn't mess up for the week overall, so it must have all balanced out okay. I definitely went over my cals for the day although I was as careful as i could be without completely holding back and being a party pooper! I didn't have cake, which was difficult but I just saw it as sugar laden empty cals and politely said no. I tried to stick to savoury options, nachos and salsa, potato salad and olives, but then I do prefer savoury... Hope that helps to give you an idea? I'm faced with a whole week of temptations ahead of me at Glastonbury and terrified of completely dropping off the wagon. But hopefully when we put our new found healthy eating habits to the test they will work despite the odd blow out... Maybe our blow outs will at least be smaller now :)


Thanks for all the replies guys, I did read them all before I went but forgot to reply, honest! It was quite a blowout in the end with lots of alcohol of different varieties being consumed but actually I managed to keep the food aspect under control, within reason anyway as my choices were restricted by where I was but I'll take it as a positive sign that my habits might be changing! I got back on Monday night and was straight back on the cross trainer and have back on my plan since then. Weighed myself on Tuesday morning to assess the damage of the weekend and found I had put on 1.5 lbs which I didn't think was too bad considering. I'll weigh myself again on Monday as that is meant to be my weigh in day and as long as I'm not still more than I was when I went i'll be happy


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