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Breakfast failure

I thought I was having a relatively healthy breakfast this morning, 35gm Jordans muesli, big old handful of blueberries topped with some yummy Turkish yoghurt EEEEKKKK!! When I calculated the calories (after I had eaten it) it came to a whopping 500+!! Oh dear, my once a week treat has got to be curtailed :) But in my defence I did run a hilly 10k last night in quite warm conditions, so that makes up for it a little bit.

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It should balance out more than Ok with that 10k. You'll have burned well over 600cal on that run last night so I wouldn't worry about it!

Use the calculator below to work out how many calories you burned last night and I hope it makes you feel better about that scrumptious breakfast this morning :)



My garmin say 647 calories, (about 100 calories per mile) in theory that should counter the calories but as this is normal exercise, it does not work for me otherwise I would be a skinny minny. I never count my exercise as additional calories.


Ah! I feel your pain. I'm a cyclist (used to do long-distance running) and weight doesn't fall off me easily either.


I have many friends who cycle long distances (60-100 miles in one hit), I struggle with neck problems so can't do more than about 40 miles, but they have all put on weight! It is all their coffee and cake stops or beer stops they have :)


Cake stops are mandatory ;)


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