Honesty No.1

So whilst I'm ill, unable to exercise or eat properly I said I would reflect on what got me to being 19 stone.


All my life I have seen myself bigger than I actually was. I've been so insecure about how I look and my weight that I've resigned to eating more, comfort eating and just accepting I'll be the fat blob for the rest of my life.

But now I'm beginning to realise, just because I'm fat doesn't mean I can't take part in things, doesn't mean I can't look nice nor does it mean I have to stay like this forever.

Times are changing :D


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  • A realisation like that is great, i think we all get comfortable hiding behind our size and using it as an excuse to avoid things. You deserve to be happy and enjoy life so good for you. Wish you all the best

  • Hi,

    So glad you have had your moment of reality, there is a huge life out there and while it might not always be roses you can live it your way and on your terms.

    Enjoy your journey, be kind to self and tell yourself every day you are Gorgous.


  • You are beautiful. And yes times are a changing for you, because YOU want them to!

    I'm overweight...I detest my size and my body but, I'll never let myself go. I still try dress the best I can. I love clothes.

    This is one of the sites you can look at.

    Be positive, love yourself for what you are...and work to better yourself, even if it looks hopeless.

    Well done and good luck.


  • that is a good site! thank you!

  • You'll do just great. Wait and see. Your insecurities will go and your positivity will shine through.

  • Small steps - it will happen and you deserve it :)

  • I wish you a speedy recovery. Recognising what got us fat ,and wanting to change for us is a great incentive to keep plodding along. Even though it may take time (like me) to shift. It took some time and eating to get like we are, it will take time to get it off. I think to myself each day if you don't eat crap ie: crisps etc you will not put on. I have got use to life without sugar, milk, bread. Just to prove to myself I was over it I had a latte yesterday and could not finish it. I found it incredibly sweet. Being ill does not help as I know too well from my illness last year. Try to keep occupied on computer, reading etc. Remember we are all here if you need a friend.

  • Glad you are feeling more positive. I've just got to week 11 of NHS Choices. Like you I am unable to exercise and have tried to keep my calories at less than 1200. My weight loss has stayed the same this week, 9lbs in total so thought I'd start talking to other people on line about it.

    I'm sure we will get where we want to.

  • I know that feeling hun, you're certainly not alone. As another poster said there's a lot of life to live, and enjoy, and it easier when we're not overweight.

    I've joined this page recently, and there's a lot of support and good old common sense talked.

    We've all become overweight, and not overnight, so it won't all fall off overnight (mores the pity!). Small changes, each week will help.

    Don't worry about exercise as such, walking is the secret weapon, even from room to room, or up and down the stairs, even once initially will burn calories. Just build up a little bit each week, we're all here with you, look forward to your progress x

  • Good for you ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ just slowly up taking part in life eg.exercise & cut down weekly 100 calories so it's not as hard or a shock to your system . Small steps & smaller intake is the way ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช x

  • Yes, if you believe that because you are overweight that you will always be .

    Start to think as a slim person thinks and you are halfway there.

    You have identified that you comfort eat, so replace these triggers with something condusive towards achieving weight loss....something you enjoy, so still makes you feel happy, but something that doesn`t involve food. This means you won`t feel bad about your decision afterwards.Then you can end that viscious circle of comfort eating.

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