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Hi all , I've been eating around 1300 calories a day for the past month . I weigh 13 st 4lbs but use to weigh 15 st 5lbs . It's took me since Middle January 2014 . I gradually cut down to the 1300 calories a day I'm on now . My question is exercise . I'm disabled but I've now upped my exercise routine to 3-4 times a week . I do 45 mins aquafit then swim for 20 mins to 30 depending on pain threshold. I also do a little bit of stregnth training in the gym afterwards . Since upping I have noticed the scales are not showing any encouragement & I am thinking of putting them away because it demotivates me when I see no difference . Though clothes feel a lot looser & I can see in the mirrow I am toning up . So does anybody think I'm doing anything wrong ?

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Doesnt sound like you are doing anything wrong to me, and eating habits is the main factor in losing weight really. The exercise will just increase your health and fitness levels, and since you are seeing the benefits its still a good thing. I found that i dont judge my successes by the scales as much anymore as i know that will go down but my health, fitness and overall well being is way more important :-) you have done so well. Keep up the good work


Sounds right to me. Remember muscle weighs more than fat so there will be a period of adjustment. Good luck x

Gonti10 kg

Hi, you sound like you are doing great and your exercise routine sounds good fun. I have found that the best time to weigh myself is at the gym straight after doing strength training. I am always so cheerful then that I can accept the result. if I don't weigh myself then I worry too much.


I think your doing amazing you will get there. Ditch the scales.

Thanks so much to you all whom replied . Each & everyone of you are right with your wisdom . Sometimes I just can't think outside the box . Thanks again 😀👊💪💪

when you start doing exercise you retain water at first. This will most be the cause of your weight staying the same. It will start to balance out again eventually. Plus if you gain muscle mass that weighs more than fat so although you may stay the same weight your actually losing fat and gaining muscle. I wish you well and i hope the scales show your hard work soon xx

Thanks Hippy-Fatbottom .. I drink a lot of water everyday & omg do I know about it ,I can't stop weeing .this as been going on for past 6 weeks since I upped my exercise & dropped more calories . Do you think I'm still retaining water ? Xx

Sounds like you are doing great. Go by look and feel, if you can see it in the mirror thats great.

you're doing everything right, don't stop!

Toned muscle is more dense than fat, so takes up less space for the same weight.

You've said your clothes are looser, that's the true result.

Another idea is taking a photo once a month, so that you can see your progress. Taking measurements can help too as you'll continue to tone up as you have a fab exercise routine.

Thanks Fussybird good ideas ill do that 👍😉

Yes windswept 1 I can defiantly see the difference in the mirrow 😀👏👍

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