Starting a new era this week!

Hi, I'm Goforit63 and I've just joined. I want to get rid of all the excess baggage that I've accumulated in the last three years, since starting a Psychology degree. It's now finished, so no more sitting at a computer or in front of text books (nibbling pretzels etc.) in every spare waking moment.... Horrified to find I'm 81 kilos and want to get down to 65 initially. Maybe a couple more too. My aim is to get into my turquoise Cheong Sam, given to me by my husband years ago, but still beautiful.

Started well with trying to listen to my body about when I really need to eat, having smaller portions in mind and making an effort to walk briskly for 30 mins every day as my basic exercise to which I can add Pilates, maybe a game of badminton etc. Watch this space!


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11 Replies

  • Sounds as though you have made a good start. Good luck with your weight loss journey :-)

  • Thanks MagsMM. It feels like a long way to go, but I'm on the way.

  • Welcome aboard! This is a good place for positivity, insight and understanding - and experience too, come to think of it :D

  • Thanks for your reply. It's good to have others rooting for you.

  • Welcome! Sounds like you're well on the way already😊. Good luck!

  • Thanks, Just got to get into the routine, I think, and it will all be OK.

  • Yay for you!!! why not try couch 2 5K? I've started it and it's brilliant! I weigh a lot more than you (shameful, I know!) but it's already helped me knock off 4lbs initially! Also, it's free on the NHS choices website.

    I also find MyFitnessPal to be really helpful (if you haven't already got it) and runkeeper.

    Good luck and have fun!!! :)

  • I don't know about the couch to 2.5K. Don't fancy walking (or is it running?) that far by myself... But it doesn't sound too long a distance....Thanks for recommendation. Will look into it. Well done for your 4lbs loss already!

  • Does your body tell you that you use less than 60g protein, and between 400-600 kcal of carbohydrate per day, with the rest of your energy requirement met from natural-fat, ingested and body-fat?

  • I can't say it does! On the other hand, it might be doing so and I might not be tuned in to hear it properly.... My body does tell me it wants vegetables with everything, which is great, but then it also tells me when I'm tired that I need some peanut M&Ms or a large glass of wine -- so I've got to learn to sift the truth from the lies!

  • When you are tired its your body telling you you lack energy. Try high protein low sugar snack rather than the glass of wine. Try adding some pulses to your vegetables to help balance the lows out more so you dont snack. I have a 25g nut snack pot I can dip into if I need to.

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