Smaller jeans:)

So at Christmas I bought some new jeans from Evans - a whopping 32 in the pear style. Ok they were a little loose on the waist but otherwise fitted well enough (over my large butt).

I started cutting down and walking just after Christmas but it took me until the middle of February to brave the scales. I could tell I had lost a bit by then but still have no idea how much.

Now I am officially over the 2 stone mark and my jeans and trousers are starting to look a bit ridiculous with loads of darts stitched in, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy some new jeans.

I thought I'd go a bit smaller (a 26 should be ok for now) to give myself something to aim for and hopefully last a couple of months so I went for a 24 in the pear again. They arrived today plus a pair of trousers. And to my delight they actually fit! I can even sit down! Ok so the legs look a bit like overstuffed sausages, so I think about 7 - 14lb needs to come off before they look ok but I am so pleased. The work trousers fit too and I can wear them straightaway.

I am now wondering how much I have actually lost but I guess now I will never know.

As soon as the new jeans are comfortable the old one are going to charity.


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33 Replies

  • Well done! Super (pun!) news. That's a tremendous achievement. Either 8 or 4 sizes down, depending on how you count!

  • Thanks:)

  • What an achievement well done, you are right to be pleased. keep up the good work.

  • Thanks:)

  • Fantastic result! Well done on your weight loss and on getting into the new jeans :-) It's so exciting to get into smaller sizes and different styles. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks. I think the fit is meant to be more generous on the hips but so were the bigger ones, happy days:)

  • Hi Sueper,

    I don't if this will be the same for you but I have found that I have gone down a dress, or in your case Jean, size per 1 1/2 stones I have lost. I have now lost 7 stones and have gone down from a 30/32 to a 20/22, as long the waist is stretchy as my stomach is my problem area. As you lose more weight you should get more of an idea of your total weight loss.

    Well done for your progress so far.

  • Thanks. I was surprised at how small a pair I could squeeze into but I would say I have another 7 - 14lb before they are comfortable but I wasn't even expecting to be able to pull them up. I did manage to get to a size 20 once so have an idea how much I need to be to get there - still a fair way to go. I almost feel like the last couple of stone were looser flab whereas the rest is more tightly packed if that makes sense?

    You have done brilliantly 7 stone is fantastic - hopefully that will be me in the not too distant future:)

  • Wow!

  • :)

  • That is absolutely fantastic. You must have felt brilliant

  • I did and surprised. I think the style helped:)

  • Brilliant :-) such an achievement and gives you that boost of confidence. Well done x

  • Thanks:)

  • Fantastic news!!! Well done you!! Pear style - love it!!!!

  • Thanks :) I am a classic pear!

  • Better than me I'm apple..

  • Wow that's great, fitting into smaller sizes is a really good motivator.

  • Thanks :)

  • Well done x

  • Thanks :)

  • Counting the inches lost seems like a better way to celebrate your loss anyway. Well done! To drop those jean sizes is a huge achievement; one to be proud of.

  • Thanks :) I'm very pleased.

  • It's no wonder you are chuffed! Are you going to keep an old pair to remind you of the size you were before? x

  • They are so lovely and new I will give them to charity, but I have plenty of other pairs for the "look how thin I am now" photo!

  • Well done you. That is brilliant. Walking does help I find. I really need to loose at least a couple more kilos in 3 weeks. I will need to walk in my sleep to as I don't think I will do it.

  • Thanks. If only we could exercise in our sleep we'd all be lovely and slim :)

  • How well you have done. You must feel fantastic at what you have achieved keep those first jeans as a reality boost for when things get hard and you question yourself , it will give you enormous sense of achievement. Have a good week and look forward to your continued journey.


  • Thanks Flossie :)

  • That's fantastic-you are so inspirational x

  • Thanks Hannah. I was trying not to go shopping as I was determined to get more off first but I just couldn't wait which is why a went a bit smaller. x

  • Well done!

  • Thanks :)

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