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How long to put on weight?

Does anyone know like how long it takes to put on weight?

I always panic if i have a bad food day that im gunna be really fat

Can you get fat from one meal? I have a tendency to have heavy dinners

And if you ate badly for a couple of days will i put on loads of weight?!

If i have a bad dinner for a special occasion im just panicking about putting on loads lol

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I believe that it you eat 500 calories too many every day then you will put on about a lb a week. So one big meal won't make you fat but if you consistently eat too much the lb will pile on.

If you eat too much for a couple of days try eating less on the other days to balance it out.

Good luck.


>> Does anyone know like how long it takes to put on weight?

good question. most people assume that what they ate in the previous week will get reflected in their weight at the end of the week. The problem with this is, a persons weight is made up of lots of things, some of them quite variable and transitory. Water is very important, and so is the contents of your stomach. Go for a long run and you'll lose a pound or two in weight due to sweating. Have a good pee and poo and you'll lose another pound. Even taking off your watch and jewellery will lower you weight a few ounces.

No science to back it up, but I think that it takes more than a week for excess calories from a really big meal to be reflected in your more permanent weight rather than just the weight of the food itself. So when people weigh themselves the change is probably related more to what they ate the week before last rather than last week.


I think it would be a good idea for you to do some more wandering through the NHS website. There's loads of information - as it is complex. I'd say, don't panic if you overdo it one day and try to really think about appetite. You may find that you really don't want to eat loads after a blowout, it's just habit.


Asking how long does it take to put on weight its a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. Everyone is different. It depends on how "bad" you are, how much exercise you do, and what you ate.


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