small victories

This may seem like an insignificant event. But I'm going to share it anyway.

I love baking as a stress relief and its makes me feel happy. The only problem, as you can all imagine, is that having sweet treats around makes it very difficult to stay focussed on healthy eating.

I baked lemon meringue pie yesterday...

I managed to have only one piece!!! The rest I took to our Wednesday Church meeting;) everyone loved it and I wasn't the one eating the whole thing (as I have done so many times in the past:( )

My plan in the future is to continue baking but to always give away the treats that I make. Sharing the love (and calories!)


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14 Replies

  • That's a lovely idea. Church folk are always appreciative of home baked treats in my experience.

  • I love baking too but it doesn't bother me about eating it. Made butterfly cakes and orange curd yesterday,with my granddaughter mixing cake ingredients and putting into cake papercups and whilst everyone ate cakes for lunch I didn't bother. Wish I was so good with other things though !!

  • Well done! I too love baking but hardly ever do these days unless I'm going to visit my student son who lives 300 miles away and who loves me to take cakes with me when we go. Sharing as you have is a lovely idea and has encouraged me to start baking again so thank you.

  • Is there such a thing as baking without sugar? That is a serious question from a man whose only experience so far of such an event is making cheese scones.

  • Yes there is! I make lovely banana bread with rice and coconut flour, banana, raw cacao chips and chia if I fancy :-)

    My friend Sarah has a blog website where she posts lots of recipes :-) I can share here if anyone interested

  • Yes please share I would love to see them

  • Grrrr I tried to find the site but the link is broken :-( it used to be

    I am sure you can google "sugar free baking" and find some stuff

    Sorry, she had lots of good recipes


  • Thanks for trying I am sure I can find some

  • :-)

  • Such a lovely story. I really love baking too. I don't think we should deny ourselves, life's got to have some enjoyment! You could use the app Cook&Count which which gives nutritional info for home cooking, then you could see how many calories are in a weighed portion. It's perfect for calorie awareness and portion control. Carry on baking!

  • I have the same problem so stopped baking yours is a better idea and it's a good thing to do but I can't trust myself at the moment but well done to you

  • hi their if you need any help with your baking once it's been i don't mind sharing a piece with you. but well don't for not eating it and thinking about your health and the calories, i wonder i how those who finished felt very happy i think.

  • I so know what you mean. I too love to bake but have no one to share it with so don't do it very often now! Keep up the great work.

  • Well done, I used to bake quite a bit but found it too difficult not to eat what I'd baked so I don't do very much at all these days. I'm sorry to say I'm not a charitable as you and make up my mind a couple of months ago that if I can't eat it I'm not cooking it!

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