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Popping in for inspiration!


Hi All,

Haven't been here for a couple of weeks, went from worrying about the grief/weight conundrum to not being bothered in the blink of an eye.

Have been taking one day at a time and just seeing what happens…. mainly tears and anger :(

Always so positive on here , was hoping it was contagious and I might want to make things better again.

Hope to be back soon … keep up the good work guys, proud of you all

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I hope you find a positive way forward too wombat3838.

wombat3838 in reply to Concerned

thank you concerned x

Hey hun, sorry to hear you are going through a rough time of it. We are all here for you, anytime you need us, we understand how hard it can be dieting and dealing with things life throws at us. Taking it one day at a time is the best thing to do, its hard work but remember you will get through this. Its always darkest before the dawn. Stay strong hun

thanks fibronfedup. The forum support means more than you know. x

You've proved to yourself you can be strong as you've got through the last couple of weeks. It will make you feel stronger if you get back to getting control of your eating habits. That is down to you and you know you can do it. The other emotions will take time but time is a great healer. We are here for you! x

wombat3838 in reply to eeek1110

thank you eeek1110, well done on your progress … it's an inspiration x

Hey wombat, nice to hear from you 🌸 keep going ... Sending you lots of strength ... It's still really early days, but we're all rooting for you 🌷

thanks folliegirl … one day at a time …. x

Hi Wombat, sorry had a busy week and not been on the computer. Hope things are well with you and you are coping with the day to day. Life is hard enough without dieting. You take it easy your head has got to be in the right place. Must admit having very stressy time lately and there has been way too much cake in my diet. Will try and get myself back on the wagon, you take care and look after yourself x

wombat3838 in reply to JuliaM72

Thanks Julia, coping as best we can. Hope things pick up for you x

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