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I am claiming ESA but it is coming to the end on 4 July but I am still waiting to have my Work Capability Assessment.

The letter I received said will get income-related ESA but it might not be at the same rate that I am getting now.

Can anyone tell me if this is a lower rate as I am struggling to make ends meet as it is.

Also has anyone else had to wait this long for their Assessment?

Looking forward to hearing from you


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Use the above link to find out what you are eligible


Hi Pamg,

I am also on ESA Benefit, I know they are well behind with it all which is probably for the delay of your assessment.

I would say they can't really tell you what rate you will get until they've received the forms and after the assessment etc but perhaps I'm wrong.

But I would say go to this fabulous website benefitsandworks.co.uk as they advise you on what to do in your assessment and how to fill out the forms.

I hope I've helped in some way....lol

Good luck



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