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Week 2 weigh in

Hi everyone just done my week 2 weigh in and lost only 1pound I was hoping

For at least 2 but it is better than putting on like I would have if I hadn't started so my total now is 5. Pounds will try this week to do more exercise I will dust down my exercise bike and wii fit they haven't been used since last year when I had both knees replaced wish me luck

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Hi Lynn, well done a lb is good as you say it is better than putting it on & going in the right direction. 5lb in all it is surprising how the lbs add up. You have a good week, good luck with the exercise bike. 😀


well done on your 1 lb loss this week. 5 lbs in two weeks is really good progress just think when you get your bike out and wii fit who knows what will happen. Great things I expect :-) hope you continue to do well in week 3


Hi well done with your loss nearly half a stone down, good luck with the exercise.


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