Week 1 - 7lbs lost!

Morning everyone! I have had a good week, worked on the 5:2 principle - 1400 calories for 5 days and 500 for 2 days. for me the first week of a new plan is always good, the challenge is going to be maintaining the enthusiasm for the next 4 stone! I have been working at home this week which has made planning much easier but means that my activity has been low - I have a Fitbit so there is no hiding from the little I have done on some days. This next week is going to be a challenge as I am away with work (8 hours on a train in a day!) - my focus is going to be on increasing my step count....wish me luck!


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  • Neenobean

    I have tried the 5.2 for one day and lost 4lbs !!! I think it works and doesn't hurt to be lean a couple of days a week,and kick starts yor body !!

    Good luck and those trains are long you know & you can get up and walk about in them..

  • Thank you - I might well try having a bit of a stroll on the train! My real issue with this is that a long day of travelling (leave home at 6.30 home at 9pm) leaves me exhausted for a couple of days...and when i am tired I am prone to seek energy in the worst form!

  • Yeah I understand that once a month I have a long day also and it takes its toll on me ...getting old !!! Lol.... Still we must look for ways to not destroy all our hard word...

  • Well done on an excellent first week. Travelling will always make things harder as the boredom sets in, plan some activities to keep you distracted like a book or puzzle book etc... Pre-plan snacks too as those train cafes dont have much healthy food really. Keep up the good work hope you have another good week

  • Well done you good job. Which days do you have the 500 calories or doesn't it matter?

  • This week I did Tuesday and Thursday - I think the advice is not to do the 2 days consecutively. I am just choosing days that fit in with other plans so that it does not impact on my family too much.

  • Can i also ask what you eat on them days? 3 small amounts or just a couple of meals?

  • 5:2 only diet that seems to work for me! lost 11 lb in 5 weeks, struggling a bit with the Fast days at the moment but will get back on track next week. I usually have 100 calories for breakfast at around 6:30 100 or so at 12:30 and the rest in the evening about 6:30. It's hard!!! but it works I try to keep between 1200 and 1400 rest of the week!. very best of luck

  • Thanks for replying oooh that seems hard to me too, im still losing weight at the moment but might have to cut down a bit if it stops but i think i would have to try more exercise first rather than 500 calories for two days. Hope you have a great week ahead.

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