End of week 7 and 2 more pounds down

A whole whopping 2lbs off this week so facing into week 8 really happy and motivated.

What I've done differently this week is to actually get more active so been back to gym and have planned next 2 Weeks gym sessions as well as spend the weekend spring cleaning.

I've also tried to have a good selection of low calorie options in the house particularly for workday lunches to cut down need to buy something.

My target when I started was to have lost weight by the time I go to see my son for his birthday so with 4 weeks well on target.

Personally I find a lot of support and motivation from the forum so thanks guys.

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  • well done ! :)

  • Thanks.

  • Hey

    Well done on another loss, thats great! Keep up the good work

  • Well done you !!! 2lbs in week 8......🌷🌼

  • Taking it slow and steady on had two weeks with no change and that was St. patrick's weekend and Easter week - so happy with that. Feel if it comes off slowly I will have more chance of it staying off as I'm retraining myself with food portions and choices.

  • You're doing great! Having low calorie options around shows that you are planning ahead your weeks. Good thinking!

  • Thanks - am also making the most of the good weather and doing lots of spring cleaning for added exercise

  • Ooh that's great, well done! And some good tips. Today is day 1 of week 7 for me. I've lost 6.3 kilograms in 6 weeks, I'm really pleased, but the last kilo dropped took over 2 weeks to lose! I've had 2 Saturdays 'off' too, I didn't go mad re food, but did have a few cocktails, which probably added up quite a bit...So it's good to hear that I can maybe pick the rate up again and weight loss doesn't necessarily slow down. Will aim to lose a kilo this week by upping exercise. Ideally I'll lose another 3.7 kilos over the next 6 weeks! Good luck everybody (;@

  • Good luck Deb17toGo - sadly I'm "old school" so not great with the old kilos but do know that a loss is a loss whatever the measure is. Sometimes it's not even the scales it's the loss round the waist and the feeling that clothes fit properly or even better feel loose.