Happy Easter!

Although I have started weighing myself on Monday mornings and documenting it on MFP however I decided to weigh myself today. Am pleased to write that I have lost 2lb and now knowing that loss I do not want to blow it today by mindless eating, hopefully when I do weigh myself in the morning I will either have stayed the same or even lost a bit more. I am in charge of myself today and all the food preparation!! Only alcohol that I will drink is a glass of Prosecco cos I don't like white wine, no shorts or liquor for coffee after meal and the cheese cake I made yesterday, well, did have little taste yesterday but now I know what it tastes like probably won't try again today. Might try little piece of simnel cake I made, but that is only a might. I like baking but I'm one of those people that lick the spoon/bowl when preparing, find that more yummy LOL. Have counted out how many potatoes, parsnips etc for my plate so fingers crossed I get to the end of the day having enjoyed myself without feeling guilty and cursing my stupidity tomorrow morning when I get on the scales. Good luck everyone, have a lovely Easter day.

Forgot to say that I felt more pleased losing 2lb today than last weeks first weigh in when I "only' lost 3lb!

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10 Replies

  • Well done jenica sounds like you are on the right track. I am really happy for you losing 2 lbs this week is wonderful. Keep up the good work and if you do lose more tomorrow then that would be an added bonus. Good luck and have a wonderful day x

  • Thanks, you too. x

  • You are doing great! Keep focused and enjoy Easter too!

  • Not as easy as planned

  • It's ok, as long as you kep track of what you are having you'll be fine, even if you overeat today, you are committed and tomorrow you'll be back on track, xx

  • just weighed myself and 1lb on but as its excess from yesterday food/drink will weigh tomorrow and hopefully fluids etc will be back to norm[fingers crossed] indulged a wee bit yesterday but not too much! How did your day go?

  • I enjoyed it too much, :) 2.2 lbs on, but it's ok. I've relaxed the whole week. I needed it.

  • don't worry HRHGaby, leave it a day and I bet you'll be back to where you were. Good luck

  • Thanks, I love it that I'm not anxious or worried, this is also thanks to this site.

  • Well done you! :-)

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