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Just starting


I'm just starting the 12 week program I am so nervous but dedicated!! Yesterday I went to the doctor about my anxiety&depression and he randomly said have you tried loosing weight ? I was so embarrassed and just wanted to change im tired of being so big and people commenting on it! I just need to stay motivated!! Wish me luck guys and Goodluck to everyone else to!

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Stay strong. People who comment on you are judging you on what they think they see and don`t know anything about you . They are not worth bothering about. It`s a form of bullying- to make them feel better- they are the ones with the problem.

Be proud, you can change, but they will still be small minded and spiteful.

Best of luck, Linda

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Thanks Linda

Well done for starting your diet, hope it goes well for you. I only started on Monday and have to say the support from everyone on this forum is great, I'm sure you'll find the useful tips and encouragement helpful.

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Thank you the support is great

Hi Bethanyjade,

Good for you for taking the first step and deciding to start the plan!

In many ways losing weight may help with your mental health as well as physical but it's a shame the doctor was so tactless!! Don't pay attention to other people that make comments, the only person that matters in this is you and how you feel!! 🌺

I'm on my second week of the plan and am really feeling great, I'm not hungry and I lost in the first week! Plus the support from everyone on here is amazing!

Best of luck to you, I know you can reach your goals! Looking forward to hearing how you are getting on 🌸

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Thanks so much that's very helpful!

You've found the right place for support and advice. We are all in the same boat and understand how you feel. You aren't on your own now as all of us help one another get used to healthy eating and get rid of bad eating habits. I hadn't had a walk for blah blah years but have had two 30 minute ones today. It sure is windy too. Keep in touch. x

Well done for your decision to lose weight. I also suffer with depression having been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder some years ago. Dieting is just a small part of your life and if you need a chat just message me. I've been where you are and once you bite the bullet and change your eating habits it will become second nature to you. Good luck!

My mum has bipolar to, so I know what it's like I hope your ok and wish nothing but the best for you too! And thanks the same goes to you x

ArthrathRestart April 2020

It would appear that one of the best things you can do for depression is exercise.. in the Fresh air.

As someone who has been there I know that knowing what you should do and doing it are very different things.

It is only when the alternative is so awful that we seem motivated to change. But the important thing is that you must do it for yourself.

When I didn't want to go for a walk or I was feeling black, I would write a letter to an imaginary friend that I love ( a nice encouraging letter full of love and support) I would then put it inside a card and WALK to the post box which is a mile from my house and post it to myself, sounds mad but it was well worth the 53p stamp.

It made my brain stop its negative thought pattern.

I was motivated to walk as a had a purpose (to post a letter).

I got some exercise in the fresh air.

Once I was out and moving I nearly always walked further than the post box.

I sometimes met neighbours and had a chat and

I had a nice letter to look forward to and even though I knew it was from me I still got excited when the postman called.

Sounds mad? Possibly , but anything that helps is worth it.

Dont try to change everything at once, it will overwhelm you and if you trip up one day then put it behind you and carry on you will get there in the end.

When we were babies none of us just thought we would walk and then walked, we all tottered and fell down but we kept getting back up and trying again and again then one day we were walking. Dieting is the same, its a life change, and attitude change, and it wont happen overnight.

We are all rooting for you.

Post a letter of encouragement to your new friend today, she needs it.

Omg thank you for this!!

Two things that might help you.

1: The friend who wrote that just going out for a brisk walk works wonders for your mental and physical health was really on to a good thing. If you can do it in clean air so much the better. I read yesterday that walking a mile uses exactly the same number (100 kcalories for a a person of average weight) as running it does. If your a bit overweight it will burn more than that which is even better.

2: Beware of SUGAR. Not everyone's got the message yet: but it is sugar spikes in your food or drink that will (a) make you feel tired and hungry only an hour or two after you have eaten. So look at the sugar content of what you are eating. It tastes food and drink taste fantastic but except in very small amounts or from fresh fruit like apples will Pile on the pounds and leave you facing diabetes or worse. And that is truly depressing!

3: I am not in the medical proffession so offer this 3rd only out of personal experience.

The mental health service prescribed Buspirone to control my anxiety level and it is amazing how fast it helps me to get my thoughts rational rather than running round in circles. but my GP says it is not a drug that he has ever prescibed himself as it has such different effects on different people. It works for me though so you may want to give it a try if your Gp will allow it. But be very careful to watch out for side effects and stop taking it at once if phsycotic disturbances like delusions start.

I'm in some kind of anti depressants i don't feel they work so my gp keeps upping the dose, thanks for your support

Well done you. Keep motivated and read the posts for a pick me up. I'm on day 3 of 1400 calories and don't feel hungry. Plan your meals in advance so you know exactly what you'll eat. I plan to start the 10 minute exercises next week that's on the website and then the couch25K the following week. Just remember why you're doing it and how great you'll feel when you lose weight. Good luck.

Good luck

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