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Newcastle Diet

Ive just done this diet to hopefully reverse my type 2 diabetes. Its harsh but you have very little choice and was therefore very easy to follow ( if you have thewillpower).

I fully realise that my mental state was not ready for this a few years ago but I must urge overweight people to take a look at this.

I had Sleep Apnoea, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure ( all for more than ten years). All three have gone since losing weight, its a no brainer surely!!!

I have lost over 55lbs in 8 weeks and can only praise this regime. Its a short term diet as any should be, we are not supposed to "diet forever". Now i am focused on keeping the weight off as I am a new man. People who have known me for over 25 years are gobsmacked, and so am I.

I Love my new life.

If I can do it, anybody can. Ive had so many food related issues, they are all excuses believe me, I made them all!!!!!

I am a converted overeater;-)

Paul Holland

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What does this diet consist of? Do you have to pay for it?


Just google "Newcastle Diet", from Newcastle uni. A professor Taylor has done the background. Its meal replacements in general plus on meal for fibrous content. The study is primarily to reverse T2 diabetes. It is not expensive if you use a superstore's own brand replacement shakes/ bars.


But the supermarkets meal replacements are often high in sugar or artificial sweeteners.


As a Type 2 diabetic on metformin and diet, the best way for me to lose weight is to count carbs, limit carbs to 150g a day (50g per meal) with 45g per day for treats and snacks if needed. Only eat when at level 6 on the hunger scale, have a drink of water if you feel hungry and if you don't feel hungry any more its because you were dehydrated. There is no need to go on drastic diets. My HbA1c has come down in the 3 years since I was diagnosed and just because you get your levels into the normal range, doesn't mean you are no longer diabetic, you are but you have it under control.


I don't know where you come from ceejayblue but I was monitored by my diabetic consultant whilst doing this. I was nearing insulin use and as already mentioned been in a mess. I'm not trying to be high and mighty or preach to people. Just make people aware. What works for you did not work for me. This has. I'm on no meds and am NOT DIABETIC!!!!! It's all on line. If you don't believe it check it out. No machines no meds no injections, I'm free again


I was just saying that Newcastle type diets aren't for everyone and my diabetic team have already told me that I am doing very well but even if I get down into the normal range, it means that I'm in control of my diabetes not that my pancreas has started working again which would make me a non-diabetic. The problem is that if you were to start eating "normally" again you could go into the diabetic range again.

I'm glad that your way worked for you, it doesn't work for me, but its horses for courses.


That was a tough diet to stick to! Well done. My husband was on the way to type 2, until he stopped eating processed carbohydrates like bread, breakfast cereals, pasta etc.

Do you have a plan now for maintaining weight? Perhaps have a look at low carb eating, if you haven't already. There is a low carb forum on the Diabetic site.


This link is do a Swedish site, which may be useful.



I'm eating healthy food (most of the time;-)), but my mindset is different, which for me was the main problem.

Feel as if I have a new Default setting, I do not percieve food as good or bad as that was one of my issues.

Everybody is different, this has changed my life with the help of the Diabetic and Nutrition consultants at Wrexham Maelor.

Plus i'm now a totally different person due to not having the horrendous mood swings which I used to have due to the sugars I could not control!!

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What is Newcastle Diet? Never heard of that one.


Google it Eileen29. as said prevoiusly it's all there. Newcastle Uni Professor Taylor.

Then its a personal thing;-)


This is brilliant! I have just started week 3, in the hope but know its less successful if you have had diabetes for 10 years, but you have inspired me. How long were you diabetic 10 years?


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