Take away horror!

I started on Wednesday, did well for two days, but this evening had a chinese take away: mushroom curry, boiled rice and prawn crackers. I am not sure of the calorific content, but I think I've had about 1000 calories. Just so difficult with husband and kids tucking in - in some small way I hope walking in total for one and a half hours may compensate a little. It has motivated me to go running tomorrow and I hope there will be some loss on the scales next Wednesday morning! Have a good weekend everyone.


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  • Maybe next time stay away from the prawn crackers and have a smaller plate for the rest. Compensate with an apple or a cup of peppermint tea. No milk of course.

  • agreed. I'll bet there's more like 1800 cal on that meal. Don't suppose you know how heavy it was? Take 6 cal/gram as a guide - it depends on the fat content and that's only a ball park figure. What goes with the curry? Beer? 400 cal/pint. So we're past 2000 cal with no effort. Can you share some of it? like have only half the curry and someone else has the rest?

  • Hello, I think when starting any diet you need to have a good run of being good and following a strict routine. Once you start to see the results this will help to motivate you and then you can give yourself a treat "Chinese" for doing so well. I started mine 9 weeks ago and have lost nearly a stone and I am very pleased with the results. I have a treat "take away, Restaurant" once every 3-4wks and it sure is something to look forward to ;) but then get right back on the calorie counting horse and half hr exercise the next day. Good luck!

  • I was like that last w/e and was so disgusted/annoyed with myself but come Monday morning, hand on heart with writing everything down on myfitnesspal app I have had a great week, the app is a real eye opener, it hasn't yet not found a calorie count for product. You can write down first what you were planning to eat and if the calories are too high then you can tweak the food to allow it in your diet for the day. I've never stuck with this app before but this week has been really good. Hoping for good weight loss on Monday but knowing how I pigged out last w/e it may not be brilliant but it is a start. I'm feeling great at the moment in comparison to last w/e. Keep going, my hubby can eat everything and not put weight on which is so frustrating, but then if we were all the same life would be boring.

  • Don't beat yourself up for not sticking rigidly to your diet, everyone needs a little treat every now and again. I've found that my best weight loss always comes if I'm super good all week and then allow myself a day at the weekend without worrying about what I'm eating. I don't go overboard but I'll have a takeaway and a few drinks after dinner. I balance it out with some extra exercise to boost the weight loss since i'm not at work at the weekend and have extra time.

    The biggest thing is not to make yourself feel too bad about it because then you get upset and depressed and want to comfort eat. See it as a treat and go back to being good afterwards.

  • I think we've all done it Lizzie - you are not alone! It doesn't mean that a setback will mean that you won't reach your goal - far from it. It gives you an opportunity to learn from what happens when there is a Chinese takeaway around and plan how you will deal with it next time. And as some of the others say, sometimes you will say - okay, I can have a treat, and sometimes you will enjoy a smaller portion than you would have eaten in the past. Or plan to do additional exercise.

    I really agree with what farscapeone has said too - the tendency for many of us if we break our diet is to feel its hopeless and therefore go on some sort of binge. It's just a blip. You are human, refocus, learn from the experience and keep going! We are with you!

  • Don`t worry about what you ate- a little bit of what you fancy .... just get back on plan. Keep an image of what you are going to look like in a few months. That will help keep you motivated and tuned into that slim body you are soon to have.

  • Thanks for replies...some great ideas about surviving take aways, next time will have half of it. I am refocusing today and using a calorie counting site similar to myfitnesspal, called foodfocus. Had a good day yesterday, the support here really helps :)

  • Hi Lizzie,

    I just saw your Chinese take away nightmare. I think the key is planning. So far I've managed to work out at least some of the calories on a menu in advance so I know what to order. I've looked up restaurant menus online and sat there with a pen and paper for twenty minutes. It's hard when you're pushed for time, but so worth it, because I feel calm and in control. And I've realised it's possible for me to eat out and enjoy take aways just like everyone else, all I have to do is tweak my order a bit. I love eating out and I'm keen to keep it up, having my choices in mind first has made it easier. No need for sacrifice! All the best.

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