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New beginnings

This is my first day and first entry. I have been following some of the entries over the past week and have found it inspiring. I have tried losing weight many times but find the motivation runs out. The last six months have been particularly difficult due to a severe bought of cellulitis in my leg which has stopped me working & very little exercise-too much eating. Things are improving so time to get back in control, as from today the healthy eating has started with help & support I am going to do this. I am also using the myfitnesspal app to help me monitor what I am eating also trying to build up exercise.

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I've only recently joined and am so pleased that I haven't just given in as I normally do after just a day. It's a slow and steady road for me but I will get there. I'm 55yrs old now and I feel it's time to grow up and stop "needing" sweeties.


I know exactly what you mean, I'm 52 & tend to comfort eat on chocolate or anything sweet. I plan to take a day at a time. Today has been good & I still feel in control.


It's perfect that you feel now is the right time to do it. Sometimes life makes it difficult for us to stay focused on making healthy choices. So good luck and keep us posted!


Thank you, day 3 so far so good and feeling positive.


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