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Medication and Weight Loss

Been lurking here for a while not been brave enough to post! Am almost 19 stone and hate myself for it, I am semi active and do a lot of Karate but apparently because I have been doing it that long it doesnt count, my body is used to it so i need to change up my work outs... also I have been put on seroquel/quetiapine a fairly high dose and my weight has steadily increased... now been put on insulin and my weight is steadily increasing slightly faster! How do you combat weight gain when its medication? I know not ALL of it is the medication but I was following slimming world and losing slowly and regulary till I was put on the anti psychotics and then it stopped working and i either stayed the same or gained half a pound! So disheartened :)

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Oh dear,poor you. I hurt my foot b4 xmas and couldnt work out for a while and it is very frustrating. That is right about changing your exercise routine. Apparantly it takes 3 weeks for your body to get used to certain exercise and then thats it you need to change it up. What about a nice swim? You can also do some walking on the spot indoors, light weights, dont give up madmum where all in it together. I dont really know much about your medication but i get it when ur peed off. Good luck to you and all the best x


Hey medication never helps, but its is still possible just may a little bit harder. Exercise is only half the battle, karate is great maybe add in some extra cardio, swimming, cross trainer even walking extra will help. The other half of the battle is food. Are you calorie counting or just watching what you eat? Sometimes a plateau can be overcome by changing types of food eaten i.e. cutting out bread, or eating more veg etc. Keeping trying till you find what works for you. Good luck, you are not alone, we are here for support hun


Sorry to hear that you are struggling with your weight. I don't know what kind of food you eat, but avoiding all processed food is always a good place to start when you are trying to lose weight. Cook from scratch whenever possible.

I have read some suggestions that avoiding wheat may be a good idea, it will certainly help you lose weight. It might be something to investigate.

Have a look at the NHS 12 week plan, but if that is not enough, perhaps have a look at a more low carb approach.


Can your doctor give you any advice?


Thank you so much for your replies... I am trying to stay low sugar and low carbs because of the insulin and diabetes, I am looking at getting one of those activity band things like the fit bit are they any good? considering trying to do the Couch to 5K but I am so worried about people laughing at me trying to run... mental health issues and all that :(


I'm a C25k graduate ... It is a really brilliant program and is crammed full of encouragement, so I would really recommend it 😃

I'm a Type 1 diabetic, with PCOS and an under active thyroid ... I'm on week 3 of the 12 week weight loss plan and so far so good!! My insulin requirements have reduced significantly, I'm staying within my calorie allowance and saving 200 as a hypo cushion!

Hope that helps!!

Good luck on your journey 🌻


Do C25K you will not regret it, like I said to someone else the only people who laugh will be non-runner and are therefore inferior anyway so you can safely ignore, besides you know Karate :)

I was following a Type 1 Low Carber who regularly blogged but I can't for the life of me find the link (overwhelmed with saved info) to her blog, which I thought you might find helpful, I did though notice Doc Briffa has written an article though. drbriffa.com/2012/06/22/low...


They others seem to be giving some good advice. If you don't want to run why not do the couch to 5k by walking, I hate running so I walk twice a week 5k takes about 50 mins.

Also give yourself some realistic goals and research ways to achieve them. Nothing major to start with.

My first goal was to stop eating in between meals and no snacking whatsoever. I eat my three meals and nothing, I want to re-educate my mind to know that i have eaten all that i need and do not need anything else. Snacks are the slippery slope. I am on my third week, so far results have been good and I sleep better and therefore feel better and weight is going down.

Let us know what your goals are and how you think to can achieve them. Its good to talk.


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