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music mad

I love music and always have, my mums the same and shes nearly 70. she wants sam smiths cd for mothers day bless her. I love radio 1, have bin advised that when you turn 30 you should change to radio 2 but i just cant do it. My radio is on in the kitchen all day and i love listening to grimmy and fern. I am in such a good mood today as my fave song at the mo has gone to number 1 its by years and years and called king. So my point is i know alot of people struggle with exercise so why dont we dance. Get your radios on and show some moves, i was dancing at 7.50am this morning........my son thought i was bonkers like but there you go. I havent bin clubbing for years and it feels great, could be the next big thing.

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I think taste in music is a personal thing. I wasn't aware that it had anything to do with age. Do what you enjoy doing!


I agree - dancing is a fabulous way of getting exercise and also lifting your mood. I often jump around the kitchen to a few of my favourites - love it! Burning calories is just a bonus :)


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