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Self sabotage

Why do I do it! I lost over a stone last year very easily because I was ill and my focus was getting better and eating for my health. When I was told I was ok my brain said Ok you can eat how you want now! And I put all the weight back on. I haven't lost anything since 2nd jan and every Monday a new diet starts until work and frustration get in the way and the diet and exercise go out the window. Have managed the stress to keep the acid and pain at bay but can't seem to stop the bad eating! Any help or advise desperate! X

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Really sorry to hear that you are feeling down about your weight loss. I've been there, lost and put back on several times over the last 20 years. I have decided that this time I am aiming for 1lb per week and take each week at a time. Small goals and if I lose a bit extra then that's a bonus. That way it is no longer a diet - just a lifestyle change which I will have to follow for ever. It's taken a long time to put all this weight on so I reckon that it might take just as long to get it off. I don't know your circumstances but beating yourself up about it will only make you feel worse. Small steps. Take care. X


Maybe you are trying to do too much? We know that historically that the traditional model of dieting simply for weight loss does not work. It's far better to make some small changes (however miniscule they might be) for life than to make large short term changes or none at all.

Try to identify what it is that makes you break your changes each time, with it me it was often a interruption to routine, that then classically put me into the zone that I like to call the "I'll start my diet tomorrow" zone, by knowing the danger points that caused me to be there I was able to avoid it.

Remember successful weight loss like most things in life benefits immensely from planning and preparation.

Good Luck.


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