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I am currently on Week 8 on my diet plan. Last week was a binge week for me. I was not stressed or anything, i felt the need to keep eating even though i was full. I always have cheat meals but i don't know why i acted this way. This was my worst week since i started. I gained 1lb which im not happy about but im also glad i did not lose all the progress. This week I am determined to keep going and keep doing it. Funny enough, all the food i binged on i did not enjoy. Its as though all the things i used to enjoy i no longer crave for. I am not going to give myself a cheat meal this week but will continue next week.

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping on track.

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Sometimes the foods you eat can raise your insulin/IGF-1 levels to such a level that your blood glucose levels drop and give you an insatiable appetite even though you aren't enjoying what you're eating, and/or you are uncomfortably full.


Hang in there Chiedza! I'm glad you're not letting this minor setback ruin all your progress. I totally understand what you mean about binging. I get like that sometimes, too. It's like I just eat everything I can get my hands on and I don't even know why! Like you said, I'm not stressed, or sad, or mad, or anything but I just can't stop! I feel so guilty afterwards. Just try to do better next week. After all, tomorrow's another day! Good luck!


Thank you very much and i also wish you all the best. it definitely is not an easy journey, but is is worth


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