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Just starting today...

I am hoping to lose a few pounds and get fit before Summer. I am following the S/W route as I find it the most flexible and easy to follow (I don't eat gluten.)

It's four months until the start of British Summer time... I am hoping to be fitting in to all my lovely size 10 clothes by then. They haven't had an outing since last Summer... stress eating and no exercise have seen me spring up two dress sizes through Winter.

Good luck everyone. x x

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Good luck with the diet. I can't eat gluten either. I find that not eating the supermarket ready made gluten free products is best, as they are overpriced and often not very healthy, with lots of additives. Cooking from scratch is a better idea, if you can do it. I eat a fairly low carb diet, which I have found works well for me.

Hope you can get some exercise going too.

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Hello Penel,

Thank you!! :) How are you doing with the weight loss?

My diet will be quite Paleo orientated as from tomorrow - grains don't suit me at all, even gluten free oats. I get some lovely migraines.

I do like the odd baked potato and I can't give up dairy just yet as I am such a coffee drinker but I would like to one day. But first things first... lose this weight via a gluten free, small portions, lowish carb based diet with a bit of daily exercise. (Walking, swimming, dancing... shopping ;) etc.)

I hope you're well.

Regards LLP x


I think that sounds like a good plan, and you may find that you do not need to cut out potatoes. I need to be lactose free, so don't have milk, but am ok with cream in my coffee (and don't feel inclined to give it up).

I lost over 2 stone, but managed to put some back on, so am now trying to be careful with portion size and food combinations. The better weather also means more exercise.

Hope you are succesful with getting back into your size 10s.


You said it, no exercise is mostly the reason we lose control of our weight. Try to set a sustainable exercise routine and you'll see results in no time! Good luck!


Thank you. You too. xx


Have a good week..

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You too. Thank you. x


Summer clothes are a good goal, and if you gained it that quickly you should be able to lose it in a few months. Although 2 dress sizes does sound a lot of pounds. ..is it? It took me 9 months to lose 28 lbs , am now BMI 23, but I still only dropped one jeans size.


I haven't set a 'pound loss goal' I am going by inches as I want to look good in my wardrobe again. I am currently a small '14' I could squeeze into 12's but I don't like the constricted feeling.

I do lose weight quite quickly once I am in the zone and I am quite active day to day; it is keeping it off. Every winter I seem to comfort eat and gain about a stone... I want to stop yoyo dieting and stay slim and healthy all year round rather than hide behind thick jumpers eating extra carbs when the chilly weather kicks in.

Well done on your weight loss btw,you have lost a lot of weight. You must feel great. x


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