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Starting a journey

Day one:

Weigh in and cruel scales say 16 stones. Argh!.... The heaviest I have ever been, although not surprising considering I'm currently hobbling around and dearest shopping partner considers chocolate and other such 'goodies' the foundation of life! He is now under strict orders, just not sure how long will last, hopefully long enough for me to get my will power back! 😄

Well, nothing changes if you don't make changes ... So here goes...

Here for the long haul... Anyone who likes to chat, support etc....😀

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It sounds like we both have a similar journey to make so good luck for the week.I can only cope with short term goals so I am working in Monday to Monday chunks!!!!!


Hi, I have a lot of weight to lose myself, planning on starting tomorrow as we have a Chinese meal out tonight with friends, and Chinese food is not the easiest to count.

Plan on small goals 7Ibs at a time.

Are you going to be following a certain plan/diet.

Have a great week and good luck.x


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