Dizzy spells

Hi all don't know if my problem is anything to do with fibro but I keep having bad dizzy spells it normally start with it feel like a full head! That's the only way I can describe it with blocked ears then heart palpitations then I feel like I will pass out! I've been to my doc and she's checked my ears blood pressure and listen to my heart everything is normal so shegavemesome anti dizzy tablets she think it's something to do with my neck!!if it haven't gone by the time ive finished the tablets ive got to go back and she will do some excercises on my neck anyone else suffer with this please thank you xx


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7 Replies

  • Hey i know what you mean, i have fibro and get dizzy spells, i suddenly go light headed and eyes go a bit fuzzy, it usually passes after a few secs, bit odd really. Not sure if its the fibro or lowcal diet, mentioned to a doctor they didnt seem fussed. Normally if it happens i make sure im sat down or near a wall, focus on my breathing til it passes and im fine, happens every few weeks. Hope the meds help

  • Thanks fibrofedup they arnt helping at tho moment I too am on a diet did ask doc if it had anything to do with it but she didn't think so it's very scary feeling thanks for your reply x

  • No problem, anytime fibro sucks. Hope they get them sorted out for you soon

  • Be careful not to cut your calories too much, and make sure to drink enough water.

    I have found when doing exercise that I have to careful how I hold my neck, or I can get very dizzy. It seems to have been a trapped nerve. My doctor did some blood tests and everything was ok. I also went to an osteopath who massaged and manipulated my neck, which has helped.

  • Thanks Penel x

  • Note Penel's "make sure to drink enough water."

    I have dizzy times too and a good drink does seem to clear it in a few minutes.

  • Thanks hairyman will do x

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