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Because im worth it!

I have to say on this wonderful morning how much i appreciate peoples comments and advice. You lot really are great. Ive had a few crappy days eating cookies and something happened last night. someone sent me a link about a lady who binged for years and it really got to me. I feel completely different today, i,ve just had an apple.......because im worth it, we all are x

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Yes chicken, you are worth it & from personal experience I know the encouragement you receive on here CAN make a difference ....

Onwards & upwards mi amigo !!!



Thanx hunny bunny x


Yes you are!!! This site is priceless for support and advice, its a godsend really.


Yes it is. It also gives my husband a break from me going on and on lol, just had a yogurt......................no cookies today.


Yes i do but im so sorry im not very good with technology. I will ask the lady who sent me it to send it to you, thats the best i can do, hope you get it x


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