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Ok here's the thought ...... Before I started this plan, I was happy , wasn't i ? potching about walking the dog, cooking, eating unhealthy and delightfully yummy foods, chocolate, cheese, pizza, sour cream, writing, reading, my uniform was jogging trousers with loose tops, everyday. Blessed with a lovely oh, no money worries.... I was happy ????? I've been on this plan just over a week and haven't weighed yet but what I have noticed is the huge, massive, change psychologically...... I found that I didn't want to go anywhere, museums, the seaside, anywhere really, I was happy in my own little bubble ..... Now, despite knowing if I've lost any weight yet the sheer 'lift' of 'doing something about it' , considering mind you I never thought me lifestyle inhibited me in any way, miraculously I'm receptive to going out, actually found myself putting on a pair of jeans, putting some make up on, styling my hair...... All this without knowing if I've lost a sausage ! It really made me question was I happy before, you know the happy fat girl thing ! That has led me to believe that even though I was 'surface happy' my life and that of my oh was being slowly shrunk to 'house based' enjoyment , and while there's nothing wrong with that at all , how come now I 'want' to go out as well as enjoying homey type things ? This is gonna be a long, slow, process, I'm going to struggle, feel down etc etc etc but it's STILL positive for the reason that I feel like I'm a participator again in living ! My posts always seem to be long ! Sorry people, it's the writer in me !

We are trying !

Love trierisme ! Xxxx


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9 Replies

  • Brilliant! Pleased you are happier with yourself! I'm off on my daily jaunt in a few minutes - to the dentist! Oh joy!

  • Hi again judywood, D'you get my point though .... I 'thought' I was happy , but the hard fact that I was becoming reluctant to participate in anything outside the house points to the contrary, I wasnt.... and whilst now, I may have a whinge and moan to myself of the lost joys of a whole tub of Haagen Dazs, the 'fact' that I'm bouncing around, taking more interest in myself & life outside the home proves that I am indeed happy !

    Proving we may not always realise when we are genuinely happy, or when we're genuinely not, it's not always as easy to spot & therefore do something about, or not ??? Life eh! Hope you're well ? And happy ?!!!! Ha ha ha and would you know if you weren't ??? Ok I'll shut up now !! Ha ha ! Xxxx

  • Yep I understood you to mean that you are happier now - I've been through many such ups and downs - but beginning to see the light! Had a difficult 2 years - not weight related! In fact I lost a stone and a half - whilst my husband had cancer - he died last May and I've started to put weight on again! I need you girls and guys to keep me on the straight and narrow! I am finding so much support from both comments and posts - thank you all.

  • I'm so very sorry for your loss.....I lost my adored mam last August and the grief is..... well you know... For a time, when things got quite bad and after, I wasn't important, my thoughts and energy went in to looking after mam and after, I was angry and didn't care what I did to myself.... now I do. I'm sooooo glad you're finding the forums helpful and supportive, who'd have thought complete strangers could really help to make some small difference or offer real encouragement....

    Keep in touch xxxxxx

  • Thank you for your thoughts and comments! Sorry about your mam - I realise that for our children losing their dad was devastating but we were well prepared - NHS and Macmillan nurse were brilliant! So Trierisme - we are in this together and will succeed - lets go for it!

  • Okey dokey buddy !! 😊😊

  • 😘 - yes found the faces!

  • Wish they had a face for when I'm feeling mischievous...... A 'face' bending over showing his arse !!! Take that world !!!

  • Its a thought ive been thinking about a lot lately, its funny how we tell ourselves we are happy to keep going then when we change to look after ourselves and eat better we start to feel better mentally as well and physically. Its great that you are seeing the positives that arent just based on scales, its something i learnt to do when the scales didnt always give me the results i wanted. But despite the struggle and hard work its so very worth it. Keep up the good work

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