Tomorrow is weigh day !

We'll miss chubby chops will be assaulting the weighing scales first thing in the's quite a palava.....husband wakes me up at 7 , directs me to the loo for the pre weigh in pee, he then steps on the scales to activate them for me while i strut around the bathroom in my dressing gown & boxing gloves; if I put weight on I punch him, I can recommend this rather than kicking the cat !

It's my first weigh in and I'm a bit nervous........ my sisters first week was awful, despite( she swears ) being really good she didn't lose weight.....I hope I do, I do like to see some pay back after all ! And part of me thinks 'here we go again' weekly weigh ins, have I been 'good enough' to see the digits decrease a bit, God help me if I've put on because there an unopened tub of Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream in the freezer, I meant to give it away, ( just couldn't do it though!) I feel I should practice what I preach but God if I could go back to when I was 15 and started this diet lark I would so not have started it...... I feel I've got the tools now, but the scarring from a life time of dieting run deep; will I always be the fat girl :(


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11 Replies

  • No you won't always be the fat girl - you will do it. BTW take off boxing gloves before you get on the scales - they might make the difference!

  • I must say your post made me smile, punch the hubby if you gain weight lol, i might have to try this.

    You dont have to always be the fat girl, i thought that but now im down 2 n half stone, its all about making healthy lifestyle changes not dieting as it will last longer.

    dont give in and eat the ice cream it will only start the horrible cycle of eating then depression that you dont need. Stay strong hun hope the weigh in goes well

  • AWww thanks 😊 usually I'm an upbeat sort of weasel but sometimes........... well you know how it is............. I desperately don't want to be a 'statistic' but I suppose I'm that already, you know the story, lost weight put it on, repeat, repeat repeat....................I know there's no good being gloomy that won't get me anywhere & fast........... The bright Ray of sunshine is I've brought my young weasel ( reference here to a previous post btw ! ) up to understand about healthy sensible food choices and he has a good relationship with food thankfully...... I'm really glad you've lost 2 1/2 stones. 😄😄😄😄😄 I bet you feel really good and healthier too...... carrying a couple of sacks of spuds around is hard sweaty work isn't it ! Well done you !!!! Onwards & upwards !!!!


  • I have to say thank you for making me smile yet again :-) we all have bad days its bouncing back that makes the difference, ive always struggled with my weight. Used to fluctuate between 22st (my heaviest) and 18st. When i started this 15 weeks ago at 18st 13 im now at 16st 5lb. It can be done, its hard work but very worth it. Im definitely feeling better about myself. Plateaued the last couple weeks but as im feeling better i cant complain too much. Its good that you've taught your little weasel to have a good relationship with food, hes probably the best motivation there is to stay strong. In your weak moments think of him. Sounds harsh but as ive said to a girl i work with shes no good to her kids if shes not about. You deserve the best too. Only you can stop yourself being a statistic. I agree with judy get your husband to eat the ice cream then u cant eat it :-)

  • Get your husband to eat the ice cream NOW!

  • I think I'll have to...... If it's not there I can't eat it can I ! I will spoon feed it to him tonight ( I hope it chokes him ! ). 😜

  • This so rings true for me I started yesterday and already dreading the Weight ins :/ but weather you have or haven't lost on the scales your still a winner for being in it again, after falling down you got back up and thought "let's do this" we are all winners for are determination to make a change however big or small so keep positive thoughts no matter the outcome x

  • Haha, poor hubby, IF the numbers didn't get smaller.

    Either way, I'll have that tub of ice cream, just to make sure you won't have it ;)

    I'll keep it safe for you to have it once you reached your goal :)

  • Ha ha ha ! Noooooooo 'my precious' !

  • How about not stepping on the scales until you change your frame of mind? Apart from the very abstract and illusory "losing weight", what have you really been doing this week? Drinking water? Cutting down on snacks? Going to bed early to get enough sleep? Did you have a goal?

    My first (or second?) week was about 5 a day (as per NHS). I didn't even have time to think about scales, I was too busy counting oranges and apples and wondering how much of a cucumber will count as a serving.

    So what was your goal and how did you do on that goal? If you met your target, than the week was a success, regardless of what the scales say.

    (And since the above will be read, disregarded and scales will be stepped on anyway - good luck! hope it's good news :D )

  • Thank you for taking the time for writing such a thoughtful post firstly . My goal ? Very simple, not to binge on cakes, chocolate, pile my plate bigger than the eiffle tower with poor food choices, I 'think' I've done ok but my sis not losing any weight put the willies up me to be honest......... I must admit I would be deflated, soooooo, I've decided not to weigh tommorrow, I can give myself another week to get into ( please god) my stride & also be more active, I really really don't like the term exercise ; sounds sweaty, ( yuck!) hard work and boring , activity sounds outdoorsy and nice & I can handle that ! So I'll be posting next Friday , good or not so good !

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