Day 1

Day 1

Hi's the starting point to a healthier, trimmer me. I know there'll be times when I crave big weakness is sweets. I'd love to chat with/buddy with others who are planning to take a healthier body into their (shall we say) more mature years. I'm 62 next birthday, and my current BMI is 29.8....overweight by 12kg....and that doesn't feel very comfortable at all.


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13 Replies

  • Hi Tazlass, good luck with your weight loss journey :) I'd highly recommend joining Lowcal's Monday weigh in. Everyone that posts is so supportive, friendly and full of good advice, there are all ages and weights together!!

    Kate x

  • Thanks ChubbyMummy....I'll have a look at that. A weekly weigh-in will help keep me on track!

  • Hi Tazlass,

    Yes, you are very welcome to join the Monday weigh-in post - I usually put it up between 7am and 7.15am every Monday, and put the date in brackets to indicate the most current post. The title usually reads "Please Join Me for a Monday Weigh-in (current date)".

    Have you seen the NHS website pages? The link is:

    It's a really good 12 week structured plan with lots of good advice and suggestions. Also some recording sheets you can print off and fill in each week to record your food and drink intake and exercise etc. I rely on Myfitnesspal to do my calorie counting - and find that really good.

    Hope you are having a good week so far, and hope to see you at Monday's weigh-in, if you decide you'd like to join us.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you, I'll look out for the weigh-ins....though I'm in Australia so there's a little time zone difference! I know that a weekly weigh-in will definitely help to keep me motivated. I had already printed the 12-week plan and have the progress sheets up on my study door.

  • Yea I know the sweet problem. My BMI is 31. Heaviest I have been. Trying to tackle the problem again. I am 68. Irene

  • Irene, I agree that the BMI is a good indicator for overall health...and overall comfort. I have no plans to buy larger sized clothes...I had a word with myself and said it simply isn't an option! :)

  • Day 4 on diet. Saw a friend today who has lost a stone in a month on Atkins. I don't want to try that one. No fruit.. No salads..

  • Hi My sweet tooth always destroys my diet .I've just turned 62 .Ive just started the 5.2 diet .Started last Tuesday and have lost 2 and a quarter pounds so far .Quite pleased with myself as I didn't think I could do it .Good luck.

  • Do you feel starved at the end of the 2 days off food...or do you simply have soups, fruit and veg on those days?

  • Hi.I didn't feel starved.I worked out 3 small snacks .Eggs are always good protein .Had soup with weight watchers bread ,that was filling .

  • Thanks Rosie15...that sounds quite tasty.

  • My daughter is doing a healthier happier me, and there is no calorie counting at all, its just simple, eat no processed food. almond milk I lost 4 half inches in my first week, then seven pounds in my 2 half week,,, the body doesnt know how to process chemicals like stuff to make the food last longer,, were not aware how that will effect us in the long run,,,, only the common thing is,,, as a nation were getting fatter!! so maybe that is the long term effect. All I changed was, I eat what comes out of the ground basically, try not to eat stuff that is packaged. And eat what you feel you need,,, how simple is that,,,, and increase swimming or the gym, or anything just more activity.

    She has noticed she no longer sleeps 20 hours a day, shes got more energy, and she just done a 3mile run in mud,,, shes bouncing like a durecell battery lol lol

    So I started to notice if I eat something, like cake or bread I would fall asleep,,,had no energy, so im trying to do the same,. with lots of falls from grace, only to suffer the tiredness, and lathergy. My sleeping at night is better,,, but when I go back,,, the sleep disturbance comes back.

    I changed milk for almond milk or soya, which is quite like custard taste so nice, in coffee. without suger.

    no sugar, no chemical sweetner either. So theres something in this... so Im going to carry on for me.

  • I tried the first of two fasting days late last week....and today is the first of two fasting days this rosie15 says, if you plan some tasty and filling snacks such as an egg, a piece of fruit, or clear soup, you won't feel starved....and your body will love you for it :)

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