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Week 1 - 2lb lost (trying not to be disappointed !)

I should be happy with that but I had a sneaky weigh on Friday had lost 4lb- boooo! note to self - weigh only once a week !!!

Had a good day overall as I passed an exam today despite arriving almost an hour late ( due closure of A14) . Afterwards I caught up with three different friends and drank tea and ate cake! ( oops! ) Back on it tomorrow !

Have a good week everyone x

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Hi Lizzy, Well done! 2 lbs is good. I was disappointed last week (half a pound on), but it's come off this week. My weight does tend to go up and down a bit, stick with it and watch the trend.


Bonjour Lizzie.

It can be disappointing in that first week and getting weighed early sometimes makes us 'just have something as it's going so well'...I was fascinated by how my weight fluctuated in a week but now I'm only getting weighed once a week.

2lbs is good and it's going the right way. Keep going.

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Please don't be disappointed ........ Youre doing great ! Any more than 1-2 pounds a week is unsustainable unless you doing a fair amount of exercise, and unrealistic , cut yourself some slack, you've done one whole week, that IS worth something, a week of being kinder to your body and a whole week of eating healthier !!!!!! Keep going and well done you ! ?

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