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I must admit the support on this site is amazing..... I love logging in and reading how others are doing and the comments Ive had left on my own post....

lots of people doing lots of different ways of loosing weight....

I'm doing a 12 week plan of my own making... Im aiming at 18lbs ... seriously considering changing it to a few extra pounds as with 7.8lbs to go and 8 weeks left.....

Bernie x

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Same here... I love logging in to see what other people are up too, a nice way to spend time and stay motivated, my new challenge is to start using the stairs and not the lift at work....that's 9 flights of stairs! only managed 3 flights this morning ? but intend to keep at it til I am flying up them!

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well done.... I dont think I could do one .... at the moment.... x


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