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Well 2lbs on! Not surprised though. Have been really good with exercise been circuits, spinning, boxercise and general gym training. Eating though - rubbish! Fed up of emotional eating. Commiserate or celebrate I eat. Hate this endless circle of losing 2 lbs half way through the week and then putting 4 on so in effect gaining two pounds overall! Grrrr of anyone had any tips let me know. Took me eight weeks to loose a stone and four pounds and eight weeks to put back on 12! Grrrrr. Xmas is such a pain and the world's greatest excuse for eating and drinking. Fitness pal written up for most of the week gym bags packed for the morning just need to keep head in right place all week now. It's amazing I always thought that you ate with your mouth and not your brain! :/

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Make sure you are eating enough, I know it sounds like a bit of a diet cliche but if you are exercising that hard you will creating an additional energy deficit, the temptation can be to use that deficit to speed up weight loss, personally I think that is bad advice and that you should fuel any exercise that you do for a number of reason, one it can put you indirectly onto VLC (Very Low Calorie) diet another is the additional nutrition you need post workout for cell repair and recovery etc.

The other thing you might like to do, if you have not, is take physical body measurements, as you might be pleasantly surprised and find that although you have not reduced on the bathroom scales, you may well be trimmer.

Good Luck.


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