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Hi all, newbie here!

Basically, I have let my weight pile on and I'm now my heaviest at 19 stone 5 pounds. Well that's a lie I'm now 19 stone 4 pounds after a short while of dieting and some gentle exercise. Is it ridiculous that I'm incredibly proud of that one little pound? Maybe so, but I don't care.

I need some support through my weight loss journey. I have my wonderful partner who is being fantastic and is incredibly encouraging but I need more than one voice pushing me, if that makes sense?

So I'll start from the start, last Friday I decided I needed to make some changes to my lifestyle. I was walking up the stairs and starting to get chest pain. Suddenly it hit me, I looked in the mirror and it turns out (wait for it..) I'm fat!! Shock horror I guess. I don't know if any of you have experienced this before, but when your weight piles on, you just DON'T see it. I still saw myself as that skinny size 14. I realised I need to do something about this. So that day I went and bought all healthy food, not a kebab or curry readymeal in sight! That night I started with my healthy diet. Tuna steak, peas, carrots and home made healthy potato wedges. Tuna steak was completely new to me and to my surprise I really enjoyed it. I was put off by the appearance of the wedges but they were yum too. I also put an advert online for a cheap exercise


The next day I managed to get hold of an exercise bike for £20. It's absolutely fantastic. The first day I did 30 minutes in 10 minute go's. I was shocked with myself considering I haven't exercised like that for a good 5/6 years. The next day my backside ached so badly but I managed another 10 minutes. The next day I had bruises galore on my hips and pain all over but I walked up an incredibly steep hill for 10 minutes IN ONE GO! It's the first time I've managed that hill without having to stop several times. I've been doing this hill once maybe twice a week for a few months now so I'm guessing that's helped a lot.

My problem is the feeling of hunger, I don't cope well with it. I am starting to learn to ignore it, mind over matter etc etc. So I have been snacking quite a bit, but instead of a biscuit, I had a grape. Instead of a pack of biscuits, I limited myself to 6 crackers with Light Philadelphia on it.

Yesterday I slipped quite badly. I skipped breakfast (big no-no apparently) and I felt quite depressed because of the amount of pain I was in - ALL my muscles were seizing. I had a healthy dinner which was good but then I binged a little bit.. well.. a lot.. on fatty foods i.e. kebab with chips and onion rings and a whole big bottle of Pepsi to myself AND a chocolate bar.. or two - OOPS!

Today however I've got myself back on track. I've been eating healthily all day. I went for a 2 mile walk and so far I haven't snacked at all - big achievement!! I'm about to hop on the exercise bike for 10 minutes now. We also went shopping again this morning, all healthy foods again.

To be honest, this is the best I've done with healthy eating and exercise. I just want to feel that push from people to keep it up.

I also see a dietitian, I'm due to see her in a month or two. So I've started a food and exercise diary to monitor what exactly I am eating. The hardest part surprisingly (to me) isn't having to be honest on it, but having to see exactly how much I eat.

Anyway I weighed myself on Sunday at 10.30AM and I weighed 19stone 5 pounds and I have weighed myself again today (wrong time though - 2.30PM) and I was 19stone 4 pounds. Like I say, I feel incredibly proud of that pound.

It's a start!


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Thats fab thank you. I'm glad someone can relate :)

That's brill I'll have a look at that forum.

Thank you so much :)


That's really great :) the binge eating is difficult I still find it hard to stop but haveing little snacks is ok :) the exercise sounds great to, your get there in no time :) but keep at it and your get there you sound like you have the motivation you just need to believe in your self to do it because you actually sound motivated to want it :) and to do it


Thank you :) that's really nice of you :)


HI kate and everyone else I to am a newbie I am 64 years of age and fought all my life with the overweight problem. had to see a consultant yesterday and he has given me 9 months to lose some weight ,I had to confess to him that I was 16st 9 and a half although I have been that weight on and off for most of my adult life I am fit, take no meds, and love my food (as do we all). I do have a problem with chocolate a very serious one when I go shopping I buy a large bar and sit in the car and scoff it and when my husband asks if I have had anything I always say no ,what he doesn't see I don't have, (an overweight persons excuse I think)

So today began my journey I have the necessary tools ,recipes, healthy food etc but the exercise is what I do not do and I need motivation for that I have an exercise bike which i hate using so dont, but know I must start soon. I am lazy in some ways like that so perhaps I will go for walks I live in Dorset and we have some beautiful countryside here so again no excuse.

Wishing you all a very healthy and weight loss journey will keep you informed


Hey sounds like you are making all the right changes, i started dieting at 18 st 13lbs about 12 weeks a go so understand how daunting it can seem in the beginning, i use the myfitnesspal app to track my calories, its amazing how ever little pound makes me feel so much better, and im sure the same will be true for you. Set yourself smaller goals, i aim for a stone at a time, makes it all seem more bearable rather than thinking how i need to lose another 7st lol. Im currently at 16st 5lbs. So believe me it is possible and totally worth the struggles we all go through. Snacking is the worst part for me, ive found cucumber, pepper and spring onion sliced up and dipped hummous makes a great snack and feels me up nicely :-)

This forum is great for advice, support and motivation and has been an essential part of my weight loss progress

all the best and good luck :-)


Hi, keep up the good work...diary great to have...also adding up calories per day is great to see how much we actually eating...Before I was eating double the amount ! stay away from cheese so high in calories...swimming and walking great to do...ive also bought smaller dinner plates, so your plate looks fuller...


Another human one then. Good for you with the exercising and although you have binged, you will get back on track. I have put weight on with my medication and like you say it creeps on. I am 13.28 or was at the weekend, didn't lose last week, but one good thing I have is a great buddy on this site and am determined, but not expecting miracles, it will come off slowly and once I get back on track work wise too, hopefully that will help too as like you suffer with depression as I have been bullied at work, (work for the NHS), great hey? Anyway, try and be positive and keep making notes as you say will show you what you eat, although I don't do, but do try and don't buy it as I know I will eat it, so don't have it in the house, helps, simple, but helps, and the hubby wants to lose too, so that helps, all little things help.

Well done on the bike as its hard, I know as I have a bike and its hard work. Good for you walking though. Wish I had a buddy close to where I live, happily go for regular walks then.


Thanks all, your comments and advice are great! I like the idea of a smaller dinner plate. I think portion sizing for me right now is key. Big plate? Fill 'er up! Type of thing.

If anyone's got more tips on healthy snacks/things that will keep you full send them my way :)

Thanks again!



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