The final beginning

So where do I start. I have always struggled with my weight and my esteem. I am very critical of myself and I feel this is way I don't succeed alot of the time as I cut myself no slack so this time this is the plan.

I have got a fitbit and my car has been sold today so I have no choice but to walk or bike everywhere. I will be joining the local leisure centre on Friday so I can start going swimming classes and do gym workouts. All sounds great.... so why does all this go out the window when I wanna eat. Exercise is not my problem is the food. If I put one toe wrong I think that's it you've gone wrong again and then I don't stop. I'm looking for support and options that maybe I haven't thought of to turn to instead of food. How have I got into this mess? I'm feeling positive as I have joined this and I have a clear plan. I think I'm just scared of getting it wrong again. Everyone around me doesn't struggle with weight like I do and temptation is always there. Can anyone else relate? Xx


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  • Oh yes i can relate so can many others on here, you seem to have a plan, so thats a good start, cut yourself some slack sometimes 1 small setback isnt the end of the world, we all have bad days, try to learn from it and stick to your goals.

    Welcome and good luck

  • I'm so glad you get what I mean x

  • Hi, I can relate to what you're saying. I grew up as a chubby child and was (and still am) bigger than my siblings and cousins...and have felt very self-conscious and critical about my appearance. I've been trying to lose weight for the last 6 years (my highest being about 85 kg and currently weigh in at 72kg). Whenever I slip up on the eating side, I give up and say to myself well I've messed up...might as well wait until Monday to restart and then eat junk food up until Monday (my biggest downfall!!). I think maybe its more about recognising that slipping up is a normal process of changing and like fibronfedup says we need to try to learn from it. Sorry here goes to tomorrow, hoping all goes well :)

  • Yes please do I would love to join in :) x

  • Hi it's so easy once you have slipped up on the diet to think oh well I have lost it now I will start again tomorrow. However I try to start again on my plan at the next meal. I don't try to eat less the rest of the day but stick with the plan.

    I also try to think of things other than food to help me through when i am down. I find going for a walk helpful or doing one of

    My hobbies. One tip someone had was everytime they felt like buying a food treat they put the money they would have spent in a pot and then treated themselves to something really nice when they had enough money, like a book, dvd, clothes etc

    Hope today is a good one for you

  • Absolutely!

    I am waiting for spinal surgery and I know my weight isn't helping me.

    I found this site by accident and think that maybe it was an omen..hee hee

    Although I am in good humour, the truth is, being overweight is making me unhappy.

    Today I plan on healthy eating!

  • Fantastic that your into exercise and your wish to be a more healthy weight. Maybe talk to someone to help with keeping going. Life is falling down and getting up, it's like that for most folk including me. One day at a time, enjoy getting fit and healthy

    Best wishes

  • I relate to your message, but sounds like your being positive to me. Buddies help and goals

  • Thanks everyone your all really helpful. I hope I can try and help others to. I think mindset really is everything is it xx

  • Hi

    It is good that you have a good plan for increasing excercise in your day to day activities.

    I recently watched the BBC Horizon program called 'The Right Diet'.

    It may be worth looking at this to work out the diet that is most suitable for you.

    When I did the test , I was a 70% 'Constant Craver' and 20% 'Feaster' and 10% 'Emotional' so the recommended diet from this programme was Intermittent Dieting.

    Luckily, I have been following the 5:2 diet so I tend to look for good filling low calorie meals for my fast days and then eat normally on the other five days. My overall calorie intake for the week is reduced due to the reduced calories on the fast days (Monday and Thursday) and I was able to loose the weight I wanted to and generally been able to maintain that weight since. On other diet regimes I always put the weight back on when I stopped the 'diet' as I didn't really change my 'lifestyle'.

    The reason Monday seems to be a good fast day for me is that it was to allows me to deal with any excesses I may have had over the weekend and psychologically gives me a fresh start to motivate myself for the week.

  • Thank you I will watch that programme later. The part where you know what eater you are where are you finding this? I see everyone saying about it and I can't find it x

  • Hi

    There is a test on the website where you answer some questions:

    My wife's results were not as clear. She was 45% 'Constant Craver', 29% 'Feaster' and 26% Emotional'. So it is difficult to work out which diet is most suitable for her. Also, she felt she would answer some of the questions differently, as her mood changes, especially at certain times of the month.

    However, I think a lot of the advice is useful. I am planning to incorporate the recommendations for High protein and Low GI foods, even though I am following the 5:2 diet in general. I see no harm in using these tips if they help me stay fuller.

    There is also an e-book which I installed on my Samsung Tablet device. I found it easier to read the information via this e-book, but most of the info is also available on their web site....

  • I'm a feaster lol!! Makes sense though. Gonna stick to high protein low gi like it says I think x

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