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Weekly update

This week i lost 2lb which was great as didn't really exercise too much due to work commitments and in truth not really feeling like it, i managed to keep my diet under control and although not really counting calories i did keep a conscious eye on portions and tried to finish my meal still feeling as though i could have eaten a little more and i think for me that's a pretty good sign that i'm comfortably full rather than being bloated. I still eat bread daily as i enjoy a sandwich at lunch time but the snacks have been cut out and replaced with fruit with lunch and mid afternoon.

Plan for this week is to keep an eye on portions, try and include something sweet as a treat (banana bread is currently cooling) and vary up breakfast and lunch.

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Great weight loss. You seem to be doing the same as me, not necessarily counting the calories but reducing portion size. All i can say it worked for me before and when i hit a plateau, which for me was about 8 weeks in, then I wrote down what i ate and if i had eaten over my normal portion size i cut down the next day. This helped me to start losing again, rather than falling off the wagon.

I have started again this year and will finish my 3rd week tomorrow. So far so good, have lost 3lb so far and hoping for at least another pound tomorrow.


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