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1st week weigh in

Hi all

I am pleased to say that I have just had my 1st week weigh in, having started on 1st January as you do! the difference this time is I have actually managed to keep on track the whole week, so really pleased with myself. The scales reflect my commitment and I have managed to lose 4.5 pounds, and now feel really motivated that this time I will be successful. I know the first week is usually more, but I will be happy to lost 1-2 lb per week.

I started back at work on Monday, and I walk there and back, which is around 70 minutes per day, and its a big hill on the way home! I work Mon-Wed. I am also using my weighted hula hoop for 10 mins each day. All my previous attempts haven't even lasted a day, so this time is definitely going to be different.

My main changes have been stopping eating all the sweet snacks that I love, and now snacking on only healthy stuff, and taking my lunch to work to stop temptation. I must admit, it has been tough and I have had cravings, but stuck with it. Hubby is really supportive which is great-he is one of those lucky people who never put on weight, but has never had anything negative to say whatever my size.

I wish everyone success, and if I can do this, you can, but the support on here is one of the best things that is helping me stay focused.

Best wishes, Deborah xx

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Hello Deborah, i am really happy and proud for you, you are staring to find that strength in yourself and that is the most important fact. Keep up the great work. Best wishes.

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Well done! I am on my first week and sticking with it, butq feeling hungry today!

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Well done...

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