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Bikram yoga

Has anyone ever tried Bikram yoga to help losing weight? I kind of hate doing exercises and yoga seems different, I have this place next to my house that teach Bikram yoga, it's cheap, seem nice and I was thinking to join, but I am not sure if it's a good idea. In all the pictures on the website I see only skinny girls and maybe it is not for actually fat people, I don't know...they do say on their website that helps losing weight as well, but I imagine that happens when you have 3-5 extra kilos, not 30...

Maybe I will try it anyway...but if you have advises please write me back. Thanks and good luck!

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Hi iam 57 years old and 20 stone.i started doing Yoga a year ago,it isnt great for weight lose but it has been fantastic for making you feel great in your body weather you fat or skinny old or young.flexable or stiff.I do Iyenga Yoga, and a broad spectrum of people do it.from what i know about Bikram i my put you off to start with that.

Good luck in what ever you do hope this was of some help.



Thank you Paul, I might give it a try :)


Hello, I have tried bikram yoga before and personally hated it. To be honest I don't really get yoga in general, it never seems to make me feel as good as everyone says it does. Anyway bikram itself is tough because of the heat. I don't think it's necessarily just for skinny people as you just do what you can. From what I remember it's 26 moves and u can only drink water in between - if you can't do a move u have to sit down and can't drink water while others are finishing the move (apparently your body needs oxygen not water). I got a deal on a 10 day pass, I did 9 days and definitely saw improvement in being able to last longer before I had to sit down but as for weight loss I wouldn't say it's great. You'd have to go over a long period of time I think to see results.

Having said that if it's cheap I'd say it would be good to do in addition to something else for flexibility. I'd rather do 30 mins of intense cardio over 90 minutes of yoga in a sauna any day but that's just me!

Good luck whatever u decide to do! X


Hi, I think you should go for it, we all have to start somewhere, and once you get the hang of it, who's to say that you can't add some excersise at home, once you start to feel good about yourself, and have a bit more confidence, who knows what you'll be able to achieve.

Good luck

Zoe xx


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