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Hi there

Hello there everyone. Have just discovered this site and community. I have just stepped on the scales and worked my BMI out and I am obese. Pretty depressing.

I am 40 in August and have decided I don't want to be a fat 40 year old. I have two young children so this is also another reason.

I also have a family history of illnesses related to being over weight.We have heart disease and strokes on my dads side. My moms is lung and brittle bones.

So hello again everyone

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Welcome and good luck with your goal. What weight loss plan are you using?


I'm also obese, I know the only way to tackle this is by an overhaul of my eating and drinking habits, not a rigid diet - I've done those before and they are very slow and I get very bored! Am following the 12 week plan which is aimed at getting new habits. Try not to think of it as all or nothing - that always depresses me - think of it as getting a bit healthier for every week you stick to the new habits!


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