I B S irritable bowel syndrome

Well I can remember my mother stroking her tummy with pain, now I know what it feels like. She one time had it running down her legs.

It feels like the first stages of labour, sometimes a sudden need to go to the loo, and endless wiping.(wiping in-between too)

Your bowel is going into a gazump, gripping and gripping, and wind tummy is extended, it hurts. And it dont feel "nice".

Every thing you eat or drink sets if off. So need some colofac, which used to get it under control. Im allergic to bread flour, pasta. Stress is also a trigger.

I wanted to go see the doctors this week but everything got in the way, ie the boiler man was coming, (had to stay in all day) Then my car was being tampered with, and then the policeman came. Then going to get number plates re done, and bits that had been broken. So all those things had to be done before me.

I dont eat much meat,, I just dont like it, So what do I eat now???


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9 Replies

  • Hi it sounds like you're having a tough time

    IBS isn't something I have suffered with but I have a close friend who has it really badly so I know how bad it can be

    Have you checked online for groups where you could get support from other sufferers and nutrition advice?

    I've got food allergies myself so I do know about triggers and the results of eating something that doesn't suit you.

    I hope you get to the doctor soon

  • not just a sore bottom lol and gut rot

  • There is a group on here called IBS network. I have this problem too. I find it helps to see what other are recommending.

  • I find that a muscle relaxant helps. When I feel it start, if circumstances permit, I have a stiff drink. Not conventional advice but very effective for me! It was a vicious circle for me, caused by stress and made worse by certain foods. After a rough day, sometimes a drink stops the cycle from starting up. Obviously, no one should drink too much, and if alcohol is a difficulty for you or in your family history then you need to be careful. For short term use, it worked for me.

  • Long term, Managing stress levels is really important with healthier techniques than alcohol. this is a quick fix that makes space for you to address the problem.

  • I dont drink, once every 3mths sometimes longer. I cant say Im that stressed, it was eating things that didnt agree with me that set it off.

  • You say that you are allergic to bread flour, pasta. Do you know if your problem is with wheat or gluten? Have you been tested for coeliac disease?

    Hopefully you can eat fresh foods like vegetables, fish, meat, eggs. There are alternatives to wheat flour, but I would not recommend the ready made gluten free foods from supermarkets, as they are full of additives that do not suit some people with digestive problems.

  • No I havent, but when it reacts, it reacts. anything I eat, my bowl goes into over drive. Anything I eat goes into stomach cramps.

  • Have you tried keeping a food diary to see if you can identify the problem foods? If it is a wheat/gluten problem you need to avoid the foods completely, as it can damage your guts and stop you absorbing the goodness from your food. Coeliac disease is more than an allergy and can have long term effects.

    Hope you can find a solution.

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