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Half way there!

Just checked my weight loss since restarting seriously in September.

21/09/14: BMI 30.10; weight 14 stone 3 pounds.

13/12/14: BMI 27.46; weight 12 stone 13 pounds.

My aim for the moment is to get below BMI 24.99 to be at the top of my healthy weight range. So half way there! (but Christmas is the hurdle I fell at a few years ago when I lost weight previously - however I'm feeling prepared this time.)

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Thats great. You've done really well :-D

keep up the good work and im sure you will get you your goal


Thanks. Lat night I almost went out to buy a baked alaska which I saw advertised on a supermarket flier that had been pushed through the door with the newspaper (I've never had one and wanted to try it) . Luckily I remembered that I had to take the car in for its MOT on Saturday morning and so ended up washing the car instead.


You've done really well this year, congratulations on getting half way to a healthy BMI. I'm sure this Christmas you'll be able to indulge in a little treat but still remember your goal. Merry Christmas :)


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