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Chapter 1

Hi all,

It's been a week now since I have decided to take make a change in my eating habits.

So far, so good.

I have been eating smaller portions and less carbs and eating more vegetables with grilled meats. I have also been drinking lots of water - no sweet drinks!

I haven't yet started going to the gym but I have been walking a lot more then I would usually- which is a start.

I thought by starting my own blog, it may help to keep me motivated!

Currently, I am wanting to lose 3 stone but am taking it slow with 2lbs per week as a start.

I will keep you updated with my progression but just so you have an idea, my BMI calculates me at 35.6 so this would classify me in the obese category.

My task for this week is to do at least 1.5 hours worth of exercise!

Wish me luck ☺


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Sounds like you've been doing really well - keep it up :) good luck meeting your exercise target - remember make it fun and it will much easier to do!


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