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weight loss Journey begins


Hi all I'm new to all this and I'm excited to start but a bit nervous too, I've been trying to loose weight for the longest time but I'm really now to change my life for the better. I'm hoping to loose around 6 or 7 stone and feel healthier. I'm already much mentally stronger from this past summer so now I'm ready for a physical change and chapter to begin.

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Sounds like a positive way to start! Good luck on your weight loss journey

You sound very positive and it has made me want to start to day and lose weight

Candystripe7 stone in reply to 175zqu132

Just take small steps at a time. Forget the 6 or 7 stone that's way too daunting but small steps are totally achievable, like getting into the stone below, your first half stone and then your first stone. Those goals will see you through. Good luck.

Good for you!! Remember take the word DIET out of your vocabulary, you are eating healthy that's it. People seem to leave you alone when you say that because they aren't eating healthy regardless of their size, good luck and stay focused!! James

It is good that you are positive and it will be easier as you lose the weight. good Luck

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