10 Stone to Lose

I have just put my height and weight in on the NHS BMI calculator. I have a BMI of 43 and am officially obese. I feel normal but like I am trapped under a fat suit. I know what I do wrong but don't know how to break the cycle. I have fought with depression since my teens and think this has contributed to me arriving here but in the past couple of years I seem to have accepted who I am and banished those demons. I know what I need to do and how but I do not seem capable. Being normal and healthy feels like an unrealistic pipe dream. I have done weight watchers so many times that the classes have lost their impact but now at 37 I am contemplating going to the doctors and asking for surgery. I don't think I ever would do this as fundamentally I don't think it would work long term for me. I am a strong willed, passionate, creative, caring, happy woman who loves her life - I am now getting really fed up of not being able to live it to the full. If anyone is in my shoes or similar it would be wonderful to have a buddy to attack this with....

Thanks for listening :-) x


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  • Hi my name is Michael I to need to lose10 stone I've put on five stone I the last3 months I've got cancer and on chemo for 15 weeks so I need to lose weight or my cancer could come so am looking for a diet buddy

  • Happy to buddy Michael - I've posted a bit further down the thread too. We can all work together. It seems you have a really good reason to battle you weight. This is a good place to start

  • Okay thank you am also joining a gym Monday just for walking and a bit on the bike when am up to it.as am still on chemo for about another 9 1/2 weeks I think,here's my email address michael.kenneally@btinternet.comgood luck with your journey I need to do this trying for 7 pounds for Xmas

  • Sorry to hear you are finding things so tough. I hope you can get together with a weight loss buddy.

    If the 12 week plan does not work for you, perhaps have a look at an alternative idea. I found that giving up sugar helped a lot with my health and my moods, although it took me several goes to cut it out.

    This may be a useful link for you. Good luck.


  • Hey

    im sorry to hear things have been so rough. I had 130lb to lose when I started 4 weeks I now have 119lb. It truly is possible.

    Download the 12 week plan on the nhs website and the myfitnesspal app to track your calories.

    it takes a lot of hard work but it is possible, its late now and im heading to bed but if you wanna message I really wouldn't mind giving you an advice and support if you would like, like you I have a long way to go.

  • Hi

  • Break it into smaller chunks, so for instance - to get your BMI to under 40, that's achievable, right? I find it helps to weigh in Lowcal starts a Monday morning weigh in thread where we share our goals,triumphs and disappointments, good luck with your goals

  • Hi LeicesterLady - like you I've had my demons which I have fought and now in almost all ways I'm happy with myself. I've lost a lot of things along the way but weight isn't one of them :-(

    January this year, my 50th year, I had 5 stones to lose. I've lost one. I'd hoped for 3 this year as I've damaged my metabolism with years of yo-yo dieting and I lose weight really slowly -no 3-5lb losses a week in my life. I'm overweight because I stuff myself. I don't eat out often, don't like poor quailty take away food, don't have a sweet tooth and cook from scratch for my family.

    I eat big meals and snack constantly. I 'need' to feel full all the time - and it drives me crazy!

    I had some success with the 5:2 diet this summer. It taught me to challenge my need to eat more than I need to and that it's ok to feel a hunger pang or too ( they actually go away very quickly with a cuppa anyway). I've fallen off the wagon though and would love a buddy to motivate me and to support as well

    5:2 isn't for everyone but I guess to support each other we wouldn't need to be doing the same thing.

    It's 1st December Monday - my head says a fresh start for January 1st makes sense but I'm old enough to know that's my tummy talking so I'm up for starting on Monday!

    Good luck with your own journey - get in touch if you'd like to buddy


  • I've lost 17-18 pounds since the end of September through healthy eating and a bit of walking and going on the WiiFit. I have found being organised and having a routine with food has been essential, and sticking to it rather than being in the mind-set that I can have days or evenings off from healthy eating. I do really look forwards to going for walks now. I need to lose another 18 pounds or so to get to the top of the healthy weight range. I was at the bottom of the obese range at the end of September, and am currently slap bang in the middle of the overweight range (all according to BMI).

  • Thank you so much for the kind words, they have really helped me a great deal - things feel doable again. Mike, you are an inspiration! Just been for a nice evening walk, I am trying and will start the 12 week plan on Monday. Will avoid the usual pattern of having a food party before Monday!! Feeling positive and not like this will work for me but that its worth trying. I can't let this be who I am for my family's sake. Thank you again for the replies xx

  • Reading this sounded just like I could have written it myself. I will be 40 in January, have at least 10 stone to lose, have a bmi of 47 and have battled depression since my teens. I have, over the years tried multiple ways of losing weight, twice succeeding in losing 4 stone only to put it all back on and more, but I really want to beat this. It is good to hear there are others out there! Good luck.

  • Thanks for posting Smousie - it is reassuring to know you are out there too! I have followed that pattern too - lost weight but then added it back with interest. I really like the part in week 1 of the 12 week plan that says that it only takes 12 weeks to break a habit - 12 weeks doesnt feel like so long :-)

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