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(Sounds like a Channel 4 programme!)

Thought this bit about the Mediterranean diet was interesting bbc.co.uk/news/health-29929403

Though I must admit I'm sure I've met some pretty weighty Italian mamas in my time, so perhaps it's not 100% perfect!

Whatever, I do agree with plenty of good veg and fruit and with fish and poultry over 'red' meat.

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Yes, an interesting article. The original report talks about better training on nutrition for health workers, and what a good idea it would be if hospitals provided healthy food for staff and visitors! The amount of junk food sold in hospitals is appalling.


I'm certainly pleased to see them recommending cutting out the refined carbs and not going 'low fat'.


Certainly agree about hospital cafes and vending machines.


Hi Penel,

On a similar note, I've been at times amazed on attending some hospital departments, how very large some members of their staff have been. Does feel just a tad, "physician heal thyself" so as to speak!

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