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Hi everyone,

I've always been very fit and healthy, but in the last 18 months due to a various reasons and excuses I have gained just over 3 stone. It has had a real knock on my confidence as my weight has never changed so drastically, but I have found it really hard recently to start shifting the weight off (and keeping it off!)

I know it is going to be hard work but I want to change. I would love to hear your top tips of how you kick startes your journey and what keeps you motivated when you are really struggling?

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I eat foods that satisfy, rather than stimulate my appetite. That means eating low Gi carbs (vegetables are best), and keeping them to about 50g per meal. A palm-size of natural protein per meal prevents hunger. The balance of my energy intake is made up of natural fats :-) Full-fat milk, lard, butter, cheese, double-cream, meat fats, egg yolk, coconut (especially coconut-cream), olive oil, or small amounts of home-made nut-butter for example. Yum!

Any changes you do decide to make should be enjoyable, so you want to keep with them.


Hi, VLP28,

I agree it is hard to get started especially if you have gained a lot of weight

If I sit thinking about how many pounds I have to loose I know I will never get going. I would be interested if anybody can give motivation tips, it would help.

Good luck


Weigh yourself and then set an ideal weight as a goal. Use the NHS Height-weight chart to figure this out. Set small goals, such as 12 lbs in 7 weeks. Easily attained goals and do weekly to bi weekly weigh ins. Don't feel guilty is you slip up, simply readjust your timeline. Remember there will be an initial big drop but it will then slow down. Up to 2.2 lbs a week is a healthy weight loss.

Hope this helps you :) xx


Hey ylp28 :)

A similar thing happened to me a couple of years back and I'm only just sorting myself out now. I've found that eating smaller portions but increasing the amount of fruit, veg, pasta and rice I eat has helped increase my energy, so I'm more willing to do exercise now! There are lots of communities on here that are full of people going through a similar thing that are supportive and friendly, which is helpful.

Hope this has helped :) xx

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Hi yip28,

So the excess weight just snuck up on you while you weren't looking! (Actually that's what happens to most people!)

So the first lesson to learn is - don't take your eye off of the body weight ball, so as to speak.

I could say glibly, it would seem that what you really need to do is to go back to the lifestyle you had 18 months ago, because you seemed to have your body weight under control then. And there IS some truth in that.

For whatever reason(s), you have very probably started to eat more, or more frequently, or eat more sweet and fatty foods, or significantly reduced your activity levels. And at certain times in your life, say when being treated for certain health problems or perhaps post-surgery, your body weight might not be your top priority.

But as you've had a good and appropriate body weight, my guess is you know that you CAN get your eating under control, get back into some decent and appropriate and nutritious eating habits and get back to a more appropriate body weight.

As always, if there are medical issues for you at the moment, you would be well advised to discuss with your doctor / nurse how that might impinge upon your weight loss efforts, and vice versa.

Finally, if really and truthfully, you have not slipped back into 'poor' eating habits and/or significantly reduced your activity levels, you may wish to discuss with your GP why your body weight has gone up without obvious explanation.

Only you can really answer that one.


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