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A little help from my 'friend'

Morning all, both myself and my husband started our healthier lifestyle on Thursday - and weigh-in is now only a few days away, haven't been on the scales made a point not to!!

So glad he's doing it with me as the last few years we've both gained a little bit too much weight.

Usually I diet on my own and fail miserably after about 3 weeks coz I'm on my own battling against the world.

Hopefully this time I can shed 30kgs and feel fitter and healthier.

Still can not run due to hip problems so walking it is :-)

Have a good week all :-)

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Hi - me and my other half have started (again!) today. I feel so fat and unattractive, it really is time to do something about it. Problem I have is my other half loves to cook - but he cooks with cream, butter, etc etc etc.....quite often it's his lovely food which sabotages my efforts, so I'm really hoping that by doing this together we can start to see some results.

Good luck keep us posted on how you are both doing


Hi Jane73,

I do the main cooking in the house but hubby is excellent at preparing and getting salads ready etc which is helpful.

We got married in January been together 10years but since being married life's changed for the better we feel more in tune with one another, I hope this will helps us both to stick to our new plan and lifestyle.

As for the cooking with cream and butter - I use milk instead now I.e poaching fish in a little milk instead of butter and it actually cooks better too and tastes better - just try to find an alternative for a week or so and once you taste the new food you'll realise how much tastier it is.

I'm no expert chef but love to make different meals for my family and feeling very positive now by changing a few 'bad' ingredients our meals have been transformed.

Not sure of a change in weight this week - but so long as I haven't gained I'll be happy

Good luck to you xx


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