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Free weights vs machines?

Hi all..

I've lost 11lbs since the beginning of the month through diet and exercise, and obviously want to continue on this journey. So far I'm doing cardio classes, but want to incorporate weights, as I've heard weight lifting is best for losing weight. As such which method would people suggest, free weights or using the machines? Also, would body pump be of use too??

Thanks for any advice anyone can offer!!

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Wow 11lbs is fab! You sound like you are doing really well already!

I think all of the above would be beneficial! personally I use machines in the gym but I think that is for my own motivation....I work my way round the machines and don't have to think about things! I have just also brought a cheap resistance band for home and do ten minutes with that every other day. I also am thinking about doing the nhs strength and stretch programme which are downloadable podcasts you can do at home or out in park or something you don't need any equipment for that.


Congratulations -11 lbs is wonderful. Keep it up!

Weight lifting as such doesn't burn a lot of calories, so in itself is not a great weight loss strategy. However, the benefits are huge: everyone should be lifting weights! Muscle is what keeps us strong and protects us from injuries, weight training makes you flexible, improves you posture and shape, etc. etc.

I do a mixture: machines and free weights. The more variety the better, as each one challenges your muscles in different ways.

It takes time and practice to make progress with weights, but the results are totally worth it.


Thanks for your reply ladies, as you know it's not an easy journey. I've always attempted to lose weight before, but now my heart as well as my head is engaged in the whole process, and it seems to be working.

I make sure I work out at least 5 times a week. I never thought they'd ever be a day when I said I loved spinning......but I love spinning, ha ha ha!

I thought it wouldn't be an issue using machines, but you hear such conflicting information. I think I'll just mix them up like you suggested Zanette.......variety is definitely the spice of life! And I'll definitely be checking out the podcasts too......anything that helps aid losing weight sensibly, works me!

Thanks again, and well done to you both too........we're all in this together right! X


Years ago when I did the weights seriously I aimed for muscle mass and definition, what you need to understand is that muscle weighs heavier than plain old fat so you whilst your waist line goes down your weight will increase and it's down to more dense muscle.

My advice would be to temper your weights work against your cardio work, if you like to see weight loss then I should aim for 60% cardio to 40% weights this would also raise your metabolic rate enabling you to burn fat at rest for a while after exercising,

But, ladies, that is not a heads up for that cream cake you feel you've earned after your gym session lol

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