Hi everyone

I have just begun week one of the NHS Choices weight loss plan , and I would like a weight loss buddy so we can support each other.

I am 56 Yr s old and need to loose about 2/3 stone . Its difficult as all my family and friends are healthy weights . It would be good to be able to share my journey with some one who is trying to lose weight like me .


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22 Replies

  • Hello!

    I have just joined tonight! Tomorrow is my day! I am fed up with trying every fad that I have decided to just eat less and move more

    It apparently is that easy! Ha ha ha

  • Hi

    Have you got much to lose.

    It all seems a bit daunting but Im sure we will work it out.

    My biggest hurdle is just before bed its mad its like I will grab anything on the way upstairs . I do it every night and just cannot seem to gget a grip..

    Whats your weekness.

    It would be nice if we could team up as diet buddies saying as we both started today

  • mines biscuits not just 2/3 il eat a packet of rich tea biscuits

  • That's a good start please keep us posted perhaps we may learn from one another.

  • Hi Deliwe

    I think these boards will be a good support for us as we can swap stories and tips along the way

  • Hi Wicketywick

    Apparantly it is that easy ! Ha ha we must of missed something along the way . This is really my first full day at it . Hope your first day goes well.

  • Welcome aboard! I had the same issue for a long time about staying consistent! But with time and motivation, I am back on again. I am following the NHS couch to 5k podcasts and paired up with my girlfriend for that. So far it's been great. We can be 'Weight Loss Buddy' if that suits you. Or if you happen to be local in my area, we can join together. What do you think? :) -Ryan

  • Hi Ryan

    I am Wallsend area . What is the couch to 5k programme. This is all new to me. Im sure I will get used to it.

    How much have you got to lose .

    Being weight buddies will be ba big help thanks

  • Hi, Thanks for your reply. I live in London, near London Bridge. So, I'm afraid that we can't make a team to exercise together! But if you like, we can be in regular contact by email and track each others progress to keep the pace up? :)

    About NHS Couch to 5k:

    'Couch to 5k' is a program designed by NHS to motivate people like you and me (who wants to get healthier) to start 'running' and other healthy activities. It's like your personal trainer for free and enough to keep you motivated. The main idea is to get people off their couch (couch potato!) to the stage when you run 5 kilometre a week. It's a 9 weeks program....There are 'podcasts' (audio files) for each week. Simply you download the one for the week, put it in your mp3 player/smartphone and go the park with your headphone...There are also other information available of the page (i.e. healthy recipes, groups in your area etc).

    Give it a go. Have a look at the page now...I highly recommend this to you. :)




  • I know just what you mean. I'm in my 50's too which doesn't make it easier as we just don't need as many calories as younger people. My family too are slim and healthy and are able to eat whatever they like, chocolate, cake, biscuits etc (I have a sweet tooth!) and it's so teasing and tempting to see them munch away. It's hard for them to understand what it's like and no, it's not simply a case of will power thank you!

    Has anyone got any low cal ideas for a sweet tooth? I eat a lot of fruit anyway so this is simply not a treat for me anymore.

  • Hi Pippa , nice to know that Im not alone as far as slim family.

    Its hard for them to understand if theve nevee had to lose weight.

    My husband always says " a little bit wont hurt you " but once Ive had the little bit I just give up . Its hard to stay motivated .

    We will do it together and keep each other right.

    Im sick of being the fat sister', the biggest of my friends . Always looking at the back of the rails in clothes shops for the bigger sizes . We owe it to ourselves to change and feel good . Lets win this time

  • Let's team together on this weight loss journey I'm sure we could come up with a positive solution.

  • Yes your right we will help each other through it

  • Hello i have just started my journey today after crying in front of my gp yesterday and realising i need to do something - would be great to talk to someone else going through it.

  • Hi Charlottewarlotte

    Ive done the same. Dont be sad . Youve already started and we can help each other every day . Pretty soon we will be smiling. Lets plan to be the best weve ever been . Wouldnt that feel great.

    We can change I know it.

    Being over weight isnt just about over eating. So one thing weve got to do is start building up our self esteem and ww can help each other to begin to feel good about ourselves.

    Weve both ended up in the Drs surgery feeling crap. We can use that . Thats our starting block. We move forwards from today a step at a time . What do you say

  • Thank you for your support :) i think i might buy some scales to help keep me motivated

  • I would like to be your weight loss buddy, I need to loose 20kg+

  • Hi I lost 10 kg from 1 jan to 30 April this year then I have to stop my exsersize because of my hay fever season still I am at same weight only gain 1 lb from May to August I am starting again from today I want loss 10 kg more before jan 2015 .good luck every one this page is so help ful


  • Feel free to drop me a line Hun and maybe we can help each other, I've just started week one too. My email address is chellian@hotmail.co.uk

  • Hi

    Same age same family type and intolerant of many foods also need to loose 3 stone intending to start today as only found this on web today

  • Hey all, if anyone is still wanting to help and support each other, I have created a private facebook group called Today I Make Friends With Salad. It's a place where we can share ideas and motivate each other. It's very new and only 2 members. If anyone wants to join add me on facebook using amyjanep@outlook.com and I will add you to the group or search for the group using Today I Make Friends With Salad or facebook.com/groups/friends...

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