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Tips on how to find the energy


Hi, I work 50-60 hours a week as a waitress and most nights do not get home until 12-2 in the night. By that time I am knackered and all I want to do is gorge on some food and fall asleep watching tv. any tips on how to find the energy to put on my trackies and trainers and go for a run/fitness video. I cant go in the morning because that is when I look after and ride my pony. I need to lose 2 stone before I get a healthy BMI.

One of my problems is that at times I am really tired so I eat sugary bad foods in the hope that they will give me some energy at work. Which as far as I know they don't. And as far as I've noticed with myself, caffeine (in the form of diet red bull) has no effect either.

Please any advice would be great

Ythans Girl

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I also find it so hard to exercise when exhausted (which is most days!). Your day sounds very long.

Is there any way you can exercise during your working day, like in a lunch break or something? If you were able to, that would give you a real energy boost and maybe you could relax when you get home?

I really like a 10 minute workout by Jessica Smith that is on Youtube called Cardio Quickie.

Hi! I would probably look at diet before exercise if you're eating a lot of sugary food and eating a lot when you get in from work. Make sure you take a packed lunch every day and plenty if snscks if you snack on junk at work, and don't take your purse if you know you'll buy out! Have something healthy, but something you really like, ready for you for when you get in from work. If you change your eating habits first you may find your energy levels are better to exercise.

As a waitress I am sure you are on your feet most of the time and riding is also god exercise. Definitely address your diet. Drink water instead of sugary high caffeine drinks and plan a proper breakfast, lunch and tea even if you have to take them with you.

Have some healthy snacks at hand too.

If you decide what you are going to eat when you get in during the early hours have it something healthy & quick to prepare.

Good luck, I do not envy your working life.

Why think about doing more exercise, haven't you been exercising enough with your job? Are you not on your feet all day? Give yourself a break. You sound exhausted, and making decisions about food etc when exhausted is not a good idea. When you are less tired and not hungry, think about what is practical for you. It is not safe to go jogging at 2am - for anyone!

Plan ahead, drink plenty of water, take meals and snacks with you that are healthy. Stay away from as much sugar, white flour products and processed food as possible. Don't try to cut it all out at once, as then your body will want it more. Cut out fizzy drinks, fruit juice3s and cordials as these have loads of sugar.

Add in as much fruit and veg, nuts and seeds as you can manage (easy on the nuts - loaded with calories, but very healthy).

Learn about the very positive health benefits of whole natural food, the more you learn the more knowledgeable you will be, and therefore able to make better decisions.

When you come in from work, relax and snack on healthy filling food, not rubbish.

Good luck.

I have exactly the same problem. Working all hours and eating what I can get hold of whenever I get a moment.

Hello Ythans Girl, have a great day. Start your day with Organo Gold Coffee, aspecially the black coffee or the latte ( This coffee give you energie al day long, without stommack problems. Also the sugar inside is natural sugar not chemical. This is also the reasen why you feel as if you need more energy. Stop taken to much sugar or sugary "bad" food. It give you the feeling of a quick energy boost but at the long term it takes all. Do you want to drink energy drink, use Vemma, alternatief energy, also without chemical sugar!!! Have a wonderfull energic day!!

Greeting from Akuba from the Netherlands

From experience, try avoiding crashing out in front of the TV. Perhaps the thing to do at that time of night is a yoga or pilates video, or the NHS stretch and tone podcasts, a warm shower, some valerian tea and healthy snack, and go to bed.

I know its hard to work so late and arrive home exhausted, but with adrenalin flowing (used to be a chef). The endless loop of too little sleep, and attempting to forge on through the day on sugar and caffeine (not just coffee, tea has it too) must be broken. Creating a sleep routine probably still wont have you falling immediately into blissfully deep sleep, but lightly resting as you wait is better than nodding off in front of the TV.

If you try this, give it a full month to 6 weeks for your body and mind to adjust. As with any new habit, one or two tries or even a week of attempts won't do it. And as with any new habit, one slip up is not a failure, there's always the next night. and it might never get better than the resting and waiting, but it is still doing your body good.

That sounds tough! A couple of things are helping me excercise. An app called superhero workout gets you to power up your spaceship through doing squat jumps, and take out attacking forces by punching them. There is one called zombie run too, where you listen to a story and run to escape zombies. The story element makes it feel less of a chore. I go on wii fit, too for the same reason.

Have you tried using a blender to make fruit and veg smoothies? I find it quick and easy, and a bit of a nutrient blast.

There is also a Facebook page called organise yourself skinny which is about pre preparing calorie counted food so you can get yourself a quick balanced meal.

If you want to know more about any of it, ask.

Everyone's is spot on:) yoga, Pilates also try porridge, rice cakes......

You're amazing and no wonder you're tired. That amount of an already strenuous job AND a horse! I wonder why you feel a need for even more exercise?

I would just have your food/snacks planned before you go to work in a box ready to munch on when you get home. Have a proper meal there and you'll be less likely to binge out of tiredness and hunger. You exercise enough already. Hope it helps.

hey Ythansgirls

why dont you have healthy snacks when you get in at those awful hours in the morning, try nuts or fresh fruit salad nothing to heavy see how you get on from there, I used to purchase snacks weekly from Graze, check it out see how you get on

good luck

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