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what is healthy ?

I started as a type 2 obese ( 120 Kilos ).

i always had problems with extra kilos on me but this time i over did it. :D

long story short, 3 months back i told to my self that that is enough and that i really need to do something with that.

i started going to the gym almost everyday ( 6 days a week ), changed my eating habits ( now i cook, i don't call to local fast food for delivery :D ) and i quit smoking 2 months back.

Today is a really happy day for me, i finally had my belt through the last hole :D ! But still i have a lot of work to do. today i weight 109 Kilos and my last measurement showed 74 Kilos of that is clean muscle mass.

and here is my question,

what is healthy ?

i know that i have to loose more fat mass ( i have 30 % of that on me ) but i go for rock climbing, i run every day and go for weight sets to the gym. according to every BMI calculator that i find over internet, even if i have up to 15 % of fat mass on me, with 74 - 78 kilos of muscle mass i am still overweight.

is that healthy ? should i loose muscle mass as well ?

from the other hand, i don't know how will i handle my thinner me :) , i don't have photos of me thin at any time in my life until now. Even when i finished my military services in my country ( special forces ) i weighted almost 95 kilos.

what is normal ?

i need your opinion to that.

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Normal means toward the mean, which doesn't necessarily mean healthy. Studies have demonstrated that being fit and active is much more important to health than being thin.

What are you using to measure your body composition? Keeping a healthy aerobic capacity is important (with 3 mile runners proven to be healthier than marathon runners).

Whilst obesity correlates with poor health, it doesn't necessarily mean it causes ill-health. Arnold had a heart problem (and he smoked too). Mike Mentzer died at 49 from a heart-attack; he took amphetamines, steroids, and a high-carbohydrate diet.


Thank you very much for your response,

well i went to a center that put me on a scale and gave me to hold 2 pads,

after like 20 secs of measurements gave me my body composition.

any way the main reason for doing that is to loose a lot of internal organ fat and my belly :),

but now after 3 months of activity and 2 months without smoking i just feel great.

but as i see i won't be able of to reach the normal witch is 75 to 80 Kilos for me.

that was my main concern.


I read that BMI isn't the best way of charting the health of very muscular people. It is better to have high muscle mass than a low BMI! BMI is a guide, you may not fit the 'average'pattern. The centre that weighed you probably have good advice!


This is interesting... builtlean.com/2010/08/03/id...


Hi kouetis,

Don't confuse the ideas of fit and healthy!

You can be physisically very fit but still carry an amount of body fat that could increase your risk of various illnesses. Also, you could be a top rate athlete or other sportsperson had still have serious health problems such as cancer and a myriad of other undiagnosed issues.

Equally, you could be pretty unfit but still have a clean bill of health.


Awesome well done, nah don't worry and lose muscle, it's just y have started with a high % of fat and it takes time to get it down. 3500 calories equates to 1lb of fat so you can see the kind of deficit you need to get rid of 30+ of it. Just keep doing what your doing, hitting big muscles groups with multiple joint movements, do your resistance first then your cardio, try not to overdoit as you do need recovery days, and if you don't need recovery days then your not pushing yourself hard at the gym when you do go.

Bmi calculators are great for the larger population like yourself as obvious 30% is too much when overweight...when you get down to 15% bf and lower bmi is a load of crap...for instance Jonah lomuh new Zealand's best rugby player had bmi of 30 and he defo wasn't overweit...bmi is a good indicator..nothing more, because it does not take into muscle mass or bone density so don't treat it like gold dust when your low body fat. At 15% start measuring yourself with tape on major muscle groups and using body fat calippers to assess yourself. Unless you have access to high lab equipment you probably won't be able to test your bone density though but by that time you will be fit thin and not care ;)

Good job sounds like your doing amazing.


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